A Cleanser that works !

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Feb 6, 2006
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Hey everybody. The drug test scare is finaly over at work, but I did pick up some knoweledge along the way. A sure fire system cleanser that works is "Cleansing Formula", which is vailable at GNC. It costs about $22 bucks, but you get 150 pills. I popped 3-4 of these with meals and tested - after 10 days. I have the sure gel for emergency use, though :)
Yeah, I'm going with the sure gel method myself. This is just for a maintenence program. It's good if you don't let too much thc get built up in your system.
Yea, I like to stay as clean as I can. Green tea is good, and I drink several cups a day. The cleansing formula pills from GNC are good either as a maintenance plan, or as a planned solution for a drug test that is 7-10 days down the road. I popped 4- 6 of these w/ meals and took in a good amount of fluids ( I didn't drown myself), and I tested negative after 10 days. This is no small feat let me tell you. I am one of the biggest pot heads on the planet and it will sometimes take me a good amount of time to detox. I am guessing that it will work after a week, which is what the GNC dude told me.

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