I am Cody Oebel owner of NukeHeads seed bank

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Aug 11, 2021
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Hey everyone, Cody here, I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am the owner of NukeHeads.com the first and only seed bank that not only has 100's of genetics, but THE only seedbank that custom 3D designs
you a lab container with your name designed on it and 3D printed. I did generative analysis on the design to make sure it could withstand 1000lbs
of crush force, then we took video and put it on our youtube channel driving over the containers with a car to prove it.

A little about me. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where I met my wife Julie Oebel ( who helps run NukeHeads ) when I was but 19 years of age.
Texas was home but I was struggling there as a pot smoker and being a father to 6 children I always had the shadows of " Child Protective Services " hovering over me in fear.
As a C/C++ programmer with extensive Linux and Windows server administration in an Active Directory setting managing all internal websites I was quite the techy type / nerd if you will.

Always hiding my passion for growing weed and smoking bud working in a corporate environment. Thing had went down hill though for me, college debt towered above me, wages garnished,
and a bad circle of friends I found myself giving up. I fell to booze and drugs and wasn't feeling like a winner much. The oil industry was dying down jobs disappearing as with my self motivation and hope.
My wife just finished her nursing education for LPN/LVN education in which case she picked up work and with six kids it was clear. I had to be a stay home father. So I got good at managing new born babies
and this revitalized my perspective of life giving me a new motivation. I began cramming more C/C++ advanced books stuck in the middle of a Texas family ranch and property with slow cell phone internet
coding was my escape.

Well, things got stale and wasn't working out well for me and my wife. We chose a blind faith leap sold all, and loaded up our kids in an old suburban I didn't even have the car title too. I pawned everything
I had to my possessions for money all of about 800$ worth and set out for Colorado. We landed in Colorado Springs, Colorado with jobs and no place to stay but a hotel room. Where life really slapped me in the face because it was a choice of homeless shelter, or hotel. Remember now I have six kids, no friends or family all on my own two jobs and one vehicle. My 12yr old daughter was forced to watch and care for our 10month old baby while I took an I.T job at a hospital; my wife did her nursing job. Talk about being a nervous wreck six kids crammed in a hotel room and neither me or my wife could watch or care for them trying to get our first few paychecks to get into a place. It was the roughest 3 weeks of my life I will never forget !

Well, we finally had enough money to get into a place; it was a 1970's 16ft wide by 70ft long mobile home at a mobile home park and boy was it such a relief and new home for us to set root in Colorado.
Well, my temp-hiring agency after my 3 months of I.T contract was up couldn't get me immediately into another job; our baby sitter for our 10 month old who had turned 1yrs of age also could no longer help us at such affordable rates just before my contracted ended. Again, I was faced with being a stay home father once more but my wife didn't mind and enjoyed her new job and she made more money hourly than I did so the choice for most money was quite clear. Trying to find day care for one kid the cost was astronomical, it was like working to pay for day-care, but also, trying to get a job interview for two weeks scraping by with little money to pay for a new day care I found myself locked as a stay home father. I then took a job as a programmer and builder for a pharmaceutical robotics designer. Where I was exposed to human beings with doctors degrees and PHD's in engineering. They fancied my self taught C++ and challenged me to program and control a laboratory robotic arm and so I did to their surprise. Things were going well except the Manager didn't like me. He hated my tattoos on my neck and it was clear he hated that I had no college degree but was building electronics and writing programs. He eventually terminated me because I lacked CAD and 3D design skills.

Mad and angry, now home again as a stay home father, I began learning Solidworks and fusion 360 and auto desk products; I scrounged up money for a 3D printer and learned how to use it ( back when there was no videos on youtube teaching and it was an underground art ). I designed an automations computer where I showed it at an inventors fair in Colorado. Boom a commercial Marijuana owner who was Korean took interest in what I built. Long story short I become an automations specialist in indoor grow operations building custom designed automation systems. Then I was asked to start breeding and making improvements to 9 different locations and over 60,000 square foot of grow space. Thus began my skills in breeding cannabis and I had lab access to mass spectrometers and Koreans with PHD's to run THC tests on the fly when I needed it. This is where I created my infamous NukeHeads strain, and this is how NukeHeads began !

Here's a video of me building the " Cannabis Auto Box " my big million dollar idea I built on the kitchen table in that mobile home set out to be a big success. After all much of my family in Texas and my wifes family viewed me as a drug attic bum who never held a job long ( because I honestly didn't hold jobs long and always did short term contracts as my ADHD makes me get bored easily ).
Boy my wife wasn't happy coming home to our only kitchen table that I bought for 15$ at good will having soldering iron, electronics, solder burns all over the wood and no space to lay dinner out for us to eat.
Mind you, me, my wife, and 6 kids made this possible in a 16ft x 70ft mobile home. Which soon got filled with 3D printers as I built NukeHeads.com myself , website etc.. talk about rough ! If I could do it anyone else can !
As shy as I am this is me at the inventors fair showing my little automation computer which lead to my ultimate success:

Today I now have produced over 1.3 million dollars in sales within a years time; My LLC has graduated to an S-Corp with employees.
Our products are listed on Amazon, I'm currently in my second house, and bought my first corvette Z06 and sold it for another house, and am soon
having a BMW or AUDI delivered on an 18 wheeler ( never owned a BMW or AUDI before ). From nothing, scraping by, food stamps and going to Gods Pantry
when food stamps ran out needing more food to survive to feed our kids, I overcome all of it and Marijuana helped me do it. I have severe OCD and ADHD plus tattoos
and no one gave me a chance in life so I forged my own path !

Here is my youtube channel to watch all the things I design or do. ( Most people buy china products rebrand them, I design most of my products from scratch ) !
I design voice controlled grow lights, PH dosers, PH meters, PPFD meters from scratch and sell them on our NukeHeads website.
I learned all this because that manager at the robotics job I had treated me like I as dumb and worthless.

I am and try to be egoless. I'm open to business with other seedbanks if your reading, let's connect. I like to add more to my menu and if
I have something you don't and you need bulk rate prices let me know. I have huge farms in Colorado and others producing seeds all lab grade and with
COA's and Phyto certifications ! Lets all be home depot and lowes, helping customers find good medicinal strains. For the rest reading
feel free to message me on Facebook Cody Oebel. I am the owner of NukeHeads !

Thank you for your time in reading this !

OHhhhh Here's a discount code if you buy from my website for 10$ off
Code: mjpassion10
Very nice intro Cody and welcome aboard.

Congratulations! With six children I cannot even begin to imagine the challenges you and your wife had to face. My hats off to you two!

Here is to continued success in all your endeavors!

Waiting for sale on purple dawn. Got some as freebies on another order. 27 inches tall, 5 oz.
Very strong. Bubble from it is almost un-smokable it is so strong lol!

Waiting for sale on purple dawn. Got some as freebies on another order. 27 inches tall, 5 oz.
Very strong. Bubble from it is almost un-smokable it is so strong lol!

From NukeHead Seeds? , Asked Them and maybe they will sponsor you if you do a grow log here in The Passion to show off their wares.
Sorry typo on my part
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Darn it, I just ordered couple of days ago and forgot the discount code. Contacted me right away with tracking info, ez to pay, and great seeds!

Don't forget the discount. The Skunk #1 auto were only 40 bucks for 10, so many freebies the discount isn't missed, and they usually sweeten the deal with over count.


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