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Jan 20, 2023
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North Florida
Hi all, I came across this site last week while lurking and liked what I saw.

So I've joined and figured it's time to formally introduce myself. I'm a long time stoner, started in the late 1970’s while visiting a friend. After getting thoroughly buzzed with him and his wife, he gave me a few grams to take home to share with my lovely wife, who like I had never smoked pot before. While driving home I became paranoid thinking that if I pressed on the brake pedal with too much pressure, I may break the hydraulic line leading to the wheels, so I ended up driving really slow so I wouldn’t need to brake too often, so much for my first sativa buzz. After the kids went to bed, I introduced my wife to marijuana for the first time; her buzz was one of laughing at everything. Different strokes for different folks.

Back then most folks I hung with bought their pot, much different nowadays. In 1995 we moved from a suburb home in the city to a small farm in the Florida panhandle. That was when I started my outdoor growing and haven’t stopped since. I’ve experimented with; in ground growing, then moved to 5-gal plastic buckets and later to 10 gal fabric pots and now I’m using 5 gal fabric pots.

My feeding started with field fertilizer then progressed to Nectar of the Gods, then to General Hydroponics Flora Series and now I’m using Mega Crop. My soils ranged from garden dirt to Fox Farms soils, then making my own with potting soil and now I’ll be using Roots Organic Formula 707.

My yearly grows consist of a few sativa’s to a variant mixture of sativa/indica hybreds to a few high octane indica’s. I tried growing indoor, but never got the hang of it. I still have the lights though, just in case.

I’m a retired building inspector, the wife is retired from teaching, my best buddy is a 70 lb red-nose pit bull terrier.

I’m fair at diagnosing plant problems, I'm a leaf reader, they will tell you how your ladies are progressing. I like jumping into a chat page, giving my 2 cents worth, in fact thats how I met one of your well known members, @SubmarineGirl. After reading her post, I decided to join the group so I could chat with her.

OK guys, that's me all wrapped into a few paragraphs.

Grow safe and prosper.
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So glad you introduced yourself to the passion folks. We are most happy to have you here. I for one hope you stick around for some good outdoor tips. It’s good for you to have a buzz when you log on as we are all stoners and drift from time to time on every thread. I hope you enjoy your stay. We shuck and jive a bit on the misfits thread and would love for you to join us if you like that sort of thing. Welcome aboard garybo 😊
Gary Baby
What took you so Long? I was informed by Father you would be along.
I will have you pick your room later on.

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WELCOME TO THE PASSION..........................................................

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