A sexy question

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Aug 17, 2005
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white hairs mean females correct? About how much time do you have to get rid of the males? should I turn my fan off so i dont spread pollen? it is an open grow so ventilation isnt a problem. Can you make hash out of males? of course it is my biggest bushiest most beautiful plant that I suspect is male. Has anyone else heard of plants showing sex after 5 days of 12/12? Mine are showing 3 females one male... I think but I want to be positive. Hey Hick, what was that hash video link you had posted before? That video is hilarious like theMartha Stewart show for pot heads! thanks!
White hairs means female. Balls are males. Most weed will show sex 1 to 2 weeks into 12/12. I've noticed the males seem to show sex first.
Males express before females.
Remove males as soon as they form balls.
'aye 'nasty..it is an exceptional male that will have enuff tricks to benefit a hash wash....and "IMO" not worth the risk

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