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Two autos one the one I stunyed horribly I wish I didn't is a frost monster called garlic fist the other is a garlic slushy from dream beans Starting to get cloudy so i started a flush on one but not the other looking to see if there's a difference in the smoke at the end will get about 2 oz from these two which suks but it'll last me until my next stuff is done.


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Herei have two grape dumpster juice popped three days ago and one beast mode
Then I have a garlic slushy that's about to start bulging up getting stinky and frosty also i have fibe beasy mode and five purp gabagoos germinated going in gallons tamarow


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Here a male auto I pulled her she was two weeks. Then I have six either beast mode or purps going at three days old two grape dumpster juice fem autos at two weeks and one late in bloom with about three weeks left I tried a new soil sunshine mix number four and i had some phissues so iv added so.edolomitelime to help out. After this I'll be using bio flower 365 and micoriza all organic next grow the plant almost done is a fem auto called garlic slushy from dream beans ihavehigh hopesfor my autos fromcarty iwill bekeeping one male these onesto collect pollen and use on future autos also on one of the onesin the tent. All grown in a2 x4 vevo tent


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Update!!!!!!! Chop on the garlic slushy!!!!! From dream beans farms out of Colorado had ph issues with the soil. I'm running it again with some dolomite lime in it well see how it goes currently I have two grape dumpster juice from my friends at dream beans and two fem gabagoo not sure if beast mode or not but these plants are vigorous and I have eight more down 😁the last two pics are cartys there just as big as my others but two weeks or a week behind these are gonna be br big girls i believe i will be keeping a male from the eight i put down and im gomma pollinate at least two plants give some bak to carty and save them to grow forever ....... Thanks for checking it out wen I have time I'll add more pics


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some really nice looking nugs there bro... glad your excited about my gear... Look for the plant that shows sex the latest, she is the one you want to hit with pollen... which we'll get some to ya ok... need more produced if possible.
Glad you got yourself some ladies to play with... try flipping your lights to 12/12 for 2wks, then back to 18/6.. this is my thinking... every auto has a photo period lying dormant within and by running it on 12/12 for a bit helps this reaction of stretching still take place at times...

Gabagoo Beast Mode... started in a 1gal plastic pot, (orchid pot), and then, only into a 2gal felt pot... I'm now back to using 3gal felt pots and running just 4 at a time vs 6..
So I Have four autos well into there way to ful flower first two are beast mode and gabagoo purp I believe third is grape dumpster juice and I have a fourth grape dumpster juice then I have some baby gabagoos the larger plants were all very dry so they don't look the best also one grapejuice and gabagoo purp were showing signs of nutrient deficiency so they got some worm castings the gabagoo beastmode and pirp are in two gallon planter pots once the babys are grown i want too do three beast modes in 7 gall fabric pots look at thr size of them there nice i need to buy mr a few more paks.


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She was just over 6wks old in that shot.... I grow them all big dude... hahaha.
Look at the GDP I have going at 6wks.
View attachment 351500

Good luck brother, looks like your giving yourself plenty of chances to fine some females eh?
I only had one male from your beans yet but I ended up messing Up a lot stunted them and culled them no time to wait I see people putting autos in 5gal and 7 gall and they do the plants lst ppl are getting qps more I'm really considering a dwc i baught a few pu.pd hoses and fittings think its timr to set up a buket for a test even if i get through veg ill be happy lol
Finding the biggest Auto doesn't always translate to potency... also, these larger autos veg for 45 days before sexing so by the time your all said and done the amount of time you have invested amounts pretty closely to the amount of time you'd spend on a photo period..
For me it's about finding strains that perform well in the atmosphere I've created for them to grow in and not vice versa... my plants need to max out around 3-4ft in my 6ft tent... allowing them to grow within a foot of the LED light by life's end...

At just over 6wks from seed..

Think about this, if I can get 3-4 Autos to finish around 75 days from seed and pull 2 zips per plant, then in 30 days cut down 4 more 2oz plants... and that's a min yield. half pound every 30 days.. rotations are cool because you can fill jars of so many different strains.. good luck dude
Update to joes grows currently I have four photos in veg 2 I'm not sure but there fem and def either a cross of gelato 41 or red velvet. The other two are regs and they are sugarbelts x nanaglue. I ordered an earthbox for it to not arrive and I am in the process of getting my money back for the order I placed . So now I am waiting because instead of the earthbox I chose to use fabric grow bags aerated most likely three gallon I dnt think I need five . But I may get five gallon. I'm def using promix hp I may add pumice instead of perlite also I'll be adding worm castings and michorizea . I would really love to just run teas but I need to figure something out for flower I have morebloom 0 10 10 but idk if that would be ok to use just tjat . I have used a 24 8 16 natures garden plant food twice once a week but idk what to feed once I flip maybe half veg and add a tsp too the gal at first then a tblspn on top of the vwg nutes ? Anyways here they are a little over four weeks from popped only in 1 gal tubs one is a half a gal that's the short compact one. Guessing that's why she needs to get her legs stretched . They were all topped once at diff nodes also one was topped and defoliated a second time she was only done because she had over three nodes on each branch. I will do an update once there in there final homes there all topped and tied down defoliated and ready to flip. If anyone has any suggestions on what to use for flower on nutrients please lmk I will be using mychoriza and worm castings in the promix


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