ahhh ha!

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Bubonic Chronic

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Aug 19, 2005
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so i finally decided to bring my other plant inside and wow, its already grown nicer looking buds, and started to smell a little different...


about 2 1/2 months, but the whole time they've been growing outside, I JUST decided to move them inside after reading up on this forum and seeing all the dankness that these guys get growin
me, I use 12-12 for flower, i heard it's the best. What lights you got?
im going as close as i get it to 12/12 usually right on the money...but im using 300watts of florescent (the kind made to grow little house plants) but like the big shop light ones, and im heading to the store TODAY to buy that 1000watt hps bulb and whatever i need to run that beast

you think i'll notice a difference right away with that or is it pointless at this point?
bubonic if you get a 1000 watt bulb you need the ballast with that also, but you will see big difference growing it under a 1000watt hps or shop flos. peace and weed
I forgot to mention if you goning to just grow 2-3 plants you don't really need a 1000watt system, get 400 or 600watt system.
hells yeah man thanks a lot...i plan on gettin a couple more plants, not sure of the strain yet, but by the looks of it im not going to go bagseed again.

thanks for everything man, im heading right now to get it

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