Antibiotics and marijuana use?

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Sep 18, 2005
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Well, barely on friday i dont know what happened but by nightime i had somehow cut the back of my tongue and got it infected. I dont know how that even happened, but it got pretty bad. I had swelling, pain, trouble eating/drinking, etc. Finally after it got too much i went to the hospital the next day (no current doctors offices are open on weekends over where i live) and the doctor there prescribed me some penicillin. Now.... technically i have to finish all this stuff to be sure i'm healed of any infection and stuff, so will i be able to smoke weed during that time? I mean, obviously i havent smoked since my tongue was infected and all the swelling etc... but would there be some problems if i did while taking this antibiotic?? I ask this because the swelling etc, and most of the pain has already gone down and i was hoping i would get to toke again during the week or whenever the pain is completely gone. Has anybody heard of any effects of taking penicillin and smoking weed? Will it stop the healing process or something? Sorry, i've heard weird things before and i'm just tryin to figure all the facts out :) Thx :)

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