Newbie vaping questions

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Jul 26, 2021
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United States
I have been prescribed Shishkaberry flower with the recommendation to vape it a few weeks ago. Never vaped before, not even nicotine so this is quite new for me and after a few weeks of research and trial and error I still think I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully the community can help. 😊

I got a Flowermate V5 Nano as this is all my budget allowed for, but now I'm thinking a Mighty Medic +, paid of via Health Now would have probably been the better choice...

Has anyone tried both and can compare the following things?

  • vapour production
  • length of session
  • battery life
I feel like my V5 Nano hardly produces any vapour, even when taking long draws. The taste is great, but it is very harsh and makes me cough regularly. I also don't think I'm getting as much out of it as I should.

Can you generally say, how long an average session with a full chamber lasts? Obviously depending on the chamber size, temperature, draw length etc.

I'm just confused, because my doctor said that vaping requires much less product than smoking and it doesn't feel like that for me.

Or is there a possibility to test different vaporisers before buying?
Vaping contains much less
carcinogens than Smoking.
Pax 3 what all my retired friends use they & love it…
I only vape oil… don’t like the taste of vaped pot. Make my own oil.
I Use for vaping cheap

VISION SPINNER 3 S & C Cell carts to fill with oil. It works well​

Super-Cooled QWET Wash for Cannabis Extraction Using Dry Ice
((I always make sure i keep temperature at least -45, I like -55, use hot water bath and electric skillet to evaporate off alcohol and always have silicone tools & a small jar for storage & to evaporate off any residual water by placing it on top of the coffee warmer until no more little little bubbles appear after stirred…
Expect 4.3 grams clean oil with no Wax, fats, chlorophyll or other Undesirables in it.
So since I grow my own weed, I don’t like ask me about seven dollars a gram versus
$85-$100 here in St. Louis with taxes… I know it’s completely clean & organic.

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