anybody ever been to this site?

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i used to grow my own shrooms, San pedro, peruvianus and peyote. Salvia will take you on a heavy trip for like an hour but you need to smoke it in a bong and really heat it up, the best way is to start with extract x5 , give it a couple of hits, wait for some effect, if there isn't any, take a couple of hits more. I used to grow PC Huautla, Equador and Transkei, but i really prefer the Transkei, they will hit you like a bomb and tka e you to neverland for like 7-8 hrs. San pedro, fresh cut, you will need about 40cm of cactus to make tea for a nice trip of 10-15hrs, but the peruvianus and peyote hold 10x more mescaline then San Pedro so you need less cactus to make tea, and these last 2 will take you to never ever-land for 15 hrs or more :D.

That site is for real, but they wont ship to the united states.

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