anyone able to give me some tips

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Feb 22, 2006
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I am a new grower and would really like some tips on growing. I have 4 plants under 4 flourescents. i have 2 fans and am using miracle grow soil. if possible i would like to know the basics on caring for my plants.
On your next transplant get rid of the miracle soil. A lot of the experienced growers here will tell that that soil is garbage. Shoot for some Organic potting soil with out any nutrients in it. Check out the local Hydro store or nursery to pick up some. Then buy some good plant nutrients. Plants in the vegetative stage need more Nitrogen and while flowering they need more Phosphate. Most labels will look like this: 11-54-4. This simply means that there is 11% Nitrogen, 54% Phosphate and 4% Soluble Potash.
(N-P-K). Google: Hydro + Nutrients. Keep the dark hours just that! DARK. I turned my plant in to a hermi because I thought it was light proof but it was not. What size pots you got them in? If they are not in a 5 gallon pot then I would definitely transplant each plant into one. Wait until they are about 24 inches then flower them hoes. Hope this helps. oh , get a HPS lighting system too. I bought a 250 watt HPS complete system for 75$ plus shipping. That's a steal.

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