Attitude offers their 420 deal for 2011

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Aug 27, 2007
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Anyone else going to go for Attitude's 420 deal this year? Seems to be less than they offered last year but still made my mouth water.
Im gunna check it out, I have never purchased seeds from anywere so maybe it is time for a good deal to come my way!
:yeahthat: :confused2:
i mean not to be greedy, but my first thought was "that's your big 420 sale?!?" :(

it didn't tempt me to go buy anything i don't need, that's for sure.
With more and more people buying seeds every week they just don't have the seeds to give away anymore.
They wld have to give away something really really good to get me to order this year....kinda lame this year. Thankfully I have a bunch of beans to pop and some killer cuts to run.

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