Multi strain 15 plants

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I'm gonna use them as my private bitcoin for currency...I got what F1's they had many moons is key for that plant to yield to it's potential...the last GC I grew was the best, hard and sticky flowers that have been in the jar for almost 8 months...
Plants are drinking about 10 gallons a day. Everything looks good
the new grow seems to be coming along, the royal limes is really filling out...I've got a bunch of rooted snips for you if you want them...the chimera is a gangly bittch but I hope it's worth the effort...
I will be glad to finish this current grow in flower 4 weeks now and clean my tent out. I had some PM earlier in the grow and have been treating for it every week. I haven’t seen it again and hope I don’t as I haven’t been treating the buds, just the leaves and tent walls wetting everything down good with plant therapy running dehumidifier inspecting all the leaves more often. Don’t want to see it again but I’m sure it’s hiding in some crevice. I’ve got the Chimera 3 in there too and it is a gangly b you r right. It does have some nice flowers building up on it tho. So do the other 2 strains in there. It’s starting to smell overwhelming in there too. Just hope I can finish them up without seeing pm again. So far it’s been working for me just need to scrubb that tent good when she’s done.
Hydrogen peroxide is your friend when it comes to dealing with p.m… if you do have to spray your flowers do not fret. I completely washed my last girl crush plant in a 5 gallon bucket of hydrogen peroxide solution, and then air dry them using a huge 4 foot drum fan on low.
Great for cleaning out a tent, too. I've got some 33% that I mix 4 parts water with 1 part H2O2. Wear gloves and eye protection.
Don’t know the% on mine. have to dig it out. So far the lost coast plant therapy is working but I might would rather not spray my buds with it. It has herbal smell natural but I don’t want it on the buds if I can. I’m just being overcautious I’m sure but dont want to see pm again on it that’s why I’m treating leaves and tent this grow where I wouldn’t normally unless I had a problem.
In my humble opinion, I think just treating the leaves it’s not treating the problem we just want to visible. I would recommend a thorough hydrogen peroxide, rinse on the entire plant and would probably mix it at no more than 5%. I’ve gotten very skilled at washing plants because of powdery mildew, not by choice, but out of necessity… I don’t think you would want to try a handful of this stuff. Lesso got a handful of it and turned his skin white…

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