Mystery Made by elev8 seeds

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Mar 5, 2012
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Week 1 flower
Growing out these clones of Mystery Made. Got them to hold for @Ganjier and preserve them if they fit my garden. I got them a couple of weeks ago as little root bound solo cups. When I got them home I transplanted them to 3 gal bags of coco and put them into the flood buckets. I had to let them veg for about a week and a half. I trained them out a bit and never needed to top them because they were cut back several times as clones and had a lot of tops already. They were part of the previous grow's p.m. problem and had to get sprayed down with bicarbonate. So far there isn't a hint of pm left on any of the plants so they started 12/12 last Sunday.
I am pulling clones tomorrow and then letting them run wild the next 2 weeks.
The setup is...
6 plants, 2 each of clones 1, 2, 5.

4x4 area shared in an 8x4 tent.

Spiderfarmer G8600 at 18 inches @75% guessing in the 1000 ppfd range according to independent charts. Mid flower/wk 4 I will crank it up 💯.

Flood and drain buckets flooding 3x daily with the following
50 gal res / 12x 5 gallons bucket system
Plagron A and B @5ml/gal
Tps cal mag 4ml
Tps silica 4ml
Tps signal @ 2ml
Tps bloom @2ml
Ruby fulvic @ 2ml
Ec is at 2.4 / 1200ppm
Ph is 5.8 though I let it range 5.7 to 5.9
Also 200 ml h2o2 every time I top off the res.
2 circulating fans and the whole tent uses a ac infinity 8in blower and controller 69.
Temp is 67f to 82f
Humidity is 55 to 65% lineage is very long


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Oh snap, Oh snap, Oh snap Oh snap!!! Get em Less! My Mystery Made flower has only been in jars for 1 week and I love it! I am super excited for you to grow these out. I hadn't been around lately, life is busier than heck. @boo give them pups a belly pat for me would ya?! Ill call you guys soon!
Nice bro! I just picked up a cutting of snoops punch from elev8 gonna transplant it today! Sitting in my veg tent with the rest of my clones...but I'm taking the clones slowly...I need a little break after this flower run 😂
Day 19
Pm raised its ugly head. I completely stripped the leaves and dunked the plants in oxidate 2.0
I also killed #2 after finding pollen sac clusters. Ugh......
Pics are
Before defol....
After defol.
I moved the other #2 in the front on herm alert. I put hella jelly 10 in the back as it was not as stretchy as it's counterparts in the other half of the tent. I will continue to spray everyday for a week.
Day 41
I've been treating this grow like a prom night dumpster baby. I've been neglecting it a bit and it's got a little out of hand.
Pm has persisted a bit. I'm for sure going to have to wash these buds at harvest. I'm also probably not going to be using the trim at all. I am spraying peroxide every couple days to keep it at bay. I'm also due for week 6 defoliation.
On the plus side these buds don't have much longer left. 2 weeks maybe? They're all gas and not much fruit. Reminds me of old school purple bud from the late 90s. One of them are seeded by the Hermie.
I'm going to push through despite the problems, a small harvest is better than nothing.
Day 44.
Chopped. All had too much of an issue with the pm. I cut and washed all the buds that were ok. I tossed any bud that had any sign of infestation, which was about half. All trim is in the bin, can't save any this time. They share a tent with hella jelly and the hella jelly is much more resistant, so I'm keeping that running and fattening up.
So, Mystery Made didn't make it to term in my garden either @Ganjier. Though it's not as early as you'd think. A lot of cloudy trichs with a few clear and a few amber. Maybe 2 weeks early so I missed some color and fattening up. Sorry it couldn't keep any clones going for you. I need a burn cycle in this tent when the hella jelly comes down. Get everything washed and sanitized and then run my lights at 100 percent and no fan for about a week. While I have no plants in there I can run the temp up to about 105. Both time, heat and no humidity should be enough to restart with no live spores.
@boo, I had to make the decision today or I would have called you for a chop party lol.
it's all good, sorry you have to deal with PM, miserable stuff that starts off looking innocent but within weeks it's rearing it's head and consuming crops...glad you got to save what you did...Gangier has been on the road all day going back and forth...his new place has a pool... 😍

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