Mystery Made by elev8 seeds


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Feb 14, 2022
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Da tree
It is what it is brother. They say everything happens for a reason.....
I am just glad you got something out of it!

Jan Borrego

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Aug 29, 2023
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Chaparral, New Mexico
Day 44.
Chopped. All had too much of an issue with the pm. I cut and washed all the buds that were ok. I tossed any bud that had any sign of infestation, which was about half. All trim is in the bin, can't save any this time. They share a tent with hella jelly and the hella jelly is much more resistant, so I'm keeping that running and fattening up.
So, Mystery Made didn't make it to term in my garden either @Ganjier. Though it's not as early as you'd think. A lot of cloudy trichs with a few clear and a few amber. Maybe 2 weeks early so I missed some color and fattening up. Sorry it couldn't keep any clones going for you. I need a burn cycle in this tent when the hella jelly comes down. Get everything washed and sanitized and then run my lights at 100 percent and no fan for about a week. While I have no plants in there I can run the temp up to about 105. Both time, heat and no humidity should be enough to restart with no live spores.
@boo, I had to make the decision today or I would have called you for a chop party lol.
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