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Bacon & Eggs (with marijuana)!


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Oct 5, 2011
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So I was desperately trying to find a forum where they had a recipe that had weed, bacon and eggs! I found nothing helpful really, so I decided to take a chance and make my own... Before I share it with you let me just say Im high as ballz and it was a complete success!


- 2 eggs
- A descent size slice of your favorite cheese
- 4/5 slices of bacon

So basically what I did is, I grinded a joint (not an actual joint, but the amount of marijuana in a joint) into very very fine "flour", grind it as much as you can, make it as dusty as possible...

* Sprinkle one side of each of the 5 bacon strips with the weed flour
* Put a pan on the stove with the lowest heat possible (very low flame)
* Immediately put the bacon strips (on the side that has NOT been sprinkled yet) on the pan, the marihuana flour has to be facing up!
* Once you notice your bacon starting to release the grease it's time to turn it over (this time the sprinkled covered part of the bacon will face the pan directly)
* On the "clean" side of the bacon sprinkle more of your powdered weed
* Flip your bacon around for 7-8 minutes, making sure your bacon doesn't burn (cause that would also burn your THC)
* Once the bacon is cooked and looks "crispy", remove from pan
* Using the left over grease from the bacon add your 2 eggs and scramble them in the pan
* Add cheese and scramble

EAT! :)

Guaranteed to get you high!!

Peace and may you enjoy your trip!

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