Best way to stop upwards growth

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Ranek Icewalker

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Jan 15, 2011
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Hey all, ive got some Harlequin clones that i picked up, its a high CBD content sativa made for pain, they are getting tall and bushy, less than 3 weeks into veg they are about 10" from my 1000W and i can only raise it another 5 inches.

If they continue this way i wont have room in my grow room for anything but these 2 plants, ive done alot of super cropping to try to cease the upwards and it slowed a but until all the side shoots started fighting for top branch position, but it also has the added problem of making her bush out like nuts.

Ive heard bushmaster by AN works to stop upwards growth but bushes em out alot, can anyone confirm or dis-confirm this?

Anyone know a way to arrest upwards growth?

Turn the light off.


I don't think you can really control growth save for LST as you've already been doing...but I'm sue if there's a way, someone will chime in!
Do you have room to lst or scrog? Topping will slow the upward growth, but they will be bushy.
I have never used bushmaster but have heard plenty of peeps swear by it....
Lst, topping, fimming and pinching is what I use to combat vertical stretch. You might want to think about pruning the lower 1/4 of your plants as well...I find this helps with them getting bushy. Nothing worse then crappy lil popcorn branches trying to go for the light....jmo
any reflective surface on the ground? May want to black it out under the plants, maybe competitive stretch!?:confused: hope this helps bud!

edit: I agree with you hammy, nix the lower branches, may cause for better circulation and less vertical growth; I don't know anyone who like the under-buds either!:rofl: little wispy, air-buds that aren't very potent; better to concentrate the growth up top!

Also, if they're not budding yet (I assume) you could just abuse them ever so often (once a week or so) and this will slow there ascent rate... I'm not sure if it's a waiting on space type o' deal or what but... Again, hope this helps!
Look at what height you want and bend her over at that point. After a short recovery the top should start growing upwards again. This is one thing I do to keep an even canopy.
@ 3 weeks in veg there are still lots of things you can do. You can put in a screen and do a SCROG, cut down the top 1/3 of the plant, bend the branches over and tie them down, pinch stems, pretty much the entire world of LST and HST can still be used.

I had similiar issues my first grow and Im dealing with it again currently in my 2nd grow.
Little adjustable curtain rods at the needed heighth... Bend and tie, or just carefully bend and train under 2 or even 3 rods...that nug will still grow horizontally...
However... I use CFLs to grow and you have a 1000W HID...I probably had alot more room for error than you do with the HID...
Just thought Id show you what worked for me. Good Luck
Metal could cause heat damage to the plant, you might consider wooden stakes as an option!
Ranek Icewalker said:
Hey all, ive got some Harlequin clones that i picked up, its a high CBD content sativa made for pain, they are getting tall and bushy, less than 3 weeks into veg they are about 10" from my 1000W and i can only raise it another 5 inches.

Put them in flower now, your going to have some problems latter.
Next time dont vegg them till there 10" from the light, might just need a few days.
Wouldn't flipping them before maturity (assuming they're not mature) make them stretch?
I think DirtyOlkSouth has used Bushmaster. Maybe he'll check in.
Roddy said:
Wouldn't flipping them before maturity (assuming they're not mature) make them stretch?

Anytime ya go from 24/7 to 12/12 they will stretch.ime

I have done a 12/12 from the start and they stretched.


Just seen where it is a sativa:eek:

You got to do something (lst,hst,prune,ect,ect) sativas grow quite tall as they take a longer flower time then most others to finish.
Wow, lots of replies thanks to everyone for posting and adding input, ill try to answer a few questions that were asked.

Im using Pinching/Bending/Super cropping already to try to keep em short, but they really are getting big.

I vegged for so long because i have 4 other plants vegging in the same place that need a few more weeks so i can sex them, so i cant flip the room yet because they are still too young i believe, i only have one grow room.

I'll take the advice and trim the lower branches, i was kinda waiting to turn the lower branches into clones anyway.

I dont know much about LST besides pinching, so im not sure how to train them to make them less Bushy/Tall, i kinda just bumble through tying stuff and it doesnt seem to make much of a difference, same with SCRoG, ive looked at guides but none of them really explain the process, other than to say tie the branches, but not explaining how to make the canopies even etc.
I like to use pipe cleaners for lst....I drill holes along the pot rim to secure the pipe cleaner to and start bending over the offending branches...each day I bend a lil more till I have her where I want her...:hubba:

If you are growing a Sat leaning strain you cld be in big trouble later in flowering....some can almost triple in size. Not sure if even the best lst wld help.
HST calls for using your fingers to squeeze the stem where you want it to bend. Then squeeze it again at a 90 degree angle from the first and then bend over. the stem will crack open but will heal in a very short time. You will want to do this lower then the height you want because the end will want to turn up towards the light. To get by that, you could add the screening to hold them down.
I hope this gives you an idea.
I'll check into that hamster, thanks for the pipe cleaner sugesstion.

Niteshift, what you explained is something ive already been doing to try and combat the height/bushiness.
Sorry Icewalker, I tried. There is no other way to get the xtra headroom eh? I would go to an appliance store and see if I could get a fridge cardboard box if I had to.
Thanks all, appreciate the suggestion, i'll try some LST tying and see how it works, if not ill chop some of her down, and make a bunch of clones

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