Boy With Brain Cancer Cured With Marijuana

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Jun 21, 2007
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Marijuana has cured a little boy with brain cancer despite the doctors refusal to consider the treatment. Marijuana was only given to the young boy to treat his cancerous tumor once the father decided to apply an oil based marijuana behind the doctors back.

What would you do if your child was dying from a life-threatening brain tumour? Would you go as far as doing something illegal behind the doctors back? The story below is about a father who did just that to cure his son of his brain tumor with a marijuana based oil.

Most doctors will tell you the effectiveness of medical marijuana is still under testing, but don’t try and tell Cash Hyde, Cashy as he is called, or his father about the drug’s effectiveness being under question. They are full believers that it works.

Cashy was perfectly healthy when he was born in June of 2008. However, before his second birthday, he became very ill and the initial diagnosis wasn’t satisfiying the father. He knew there was more to his son’s medical problems.

At first, Cashy was diagnosed as having mono, then glandular fever, but his parents didn’t believe it. Mike and Kalli, from Missoula, Montana, knew it was much more. Their son was completely different and began sleeping most of the day.

It wasn’t until they went to get a different opinion that they received the horrifying news their son had a dangerous brain tumour.

The little boy, Cashy, had to go through round and round of chemotheraphy threatment to try and shrink the tumour. It seemed to be working a little bit, but the side effects seemed to be killing him themselves. The little boy had seizures, blood infections, vomiting, slept most of the day, and stay looked up to tubes in the hospital. It was a very sad time for the family.

The family was given warning their son would most likely not survive the treatments or the illness. The brain tumour seemed to advanced and aggressive. The medical staff did perform surgery on the tumor, but were only able to get 10% of it, leaving the majority to continue to damage the young boy’s body.

There was a point when the chemotherapy got so bad on Cashy and he was so weak that he didn’t eat solid foods for 40 straight days.

It was at this point, Mr. Hyde, Cashy’s dad, decided he had to do something different. That something different involved a trip to medical marijauna facilities to try and help out his young son.

Because marijuana is illegal in the nation. However, medical marijuana is legal in Montana, but not for children. Cash’s doctors wouldn’t even discuss the possibilities with them about it. The FDA doesn’t play and the doctors were taking no risk with their license.

Mr. Hyde didn’t tell the doctors what he was up to. He just proceded to find someone that would give him medical marijuana for his dying son. To make sure the effects of marijuana had a chance work for his son, he told the doctures to take his son off of all the anti-nausea drugs. He didn’t inform them of what his intentions were.

Mr. Hyde said the effects seemed to work right away in an interview with KXLY News. He said, ’He hadn’t eaten a thing in 40 days – and, it was really incredible to watch him take a bite of a piece of cheese. It shows that he wants to live’.

Mr. Hyde gives all the credit to the medical marijuana or cannabis oil with helping his little boy deal with the effects of chemo. It is amazing, but Cashy has been declared cancer free by his doctors. It is amazing.

The little boy is finally back home with his family and living the life of a normal young child. It is really an amazing story of the possibilities of medical marijuana.

Mr Hyde told KXLY: ‘It’s very controversial, it’s very scary. But, there’s nothing more scary than losing your child.’

This is an incredible story about the positive effects of marijuana and a young boy whose father refused to quit on his life….and it worked out for the best.

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I'm a little confused about what the article says.

It seems as though the chemo is what stopped the cancer and the MJ just stopped the nausea caused by the chemo.

But then the article says the MJ cured the cancer.

Which one was it really?

It's wonderful, btw, that the little guy is free of the cancer, regardless of what did it. I hope he remains free of it his entire life.

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