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Topped the first time. I forgot to take this under natural light.


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I probably flip to flower TH or FR. Usually, I have to put very small amounts of PH down in every time I check in. For some reason this run I have to use 1/4 to 1/2 shot glass full of up. The smell is total skunk, strong enough to smell outside the shed depending on weather. This doesn't look anything like the Chimera #3 anyone else has grown who's threads I have been thoroughly through nor does it smell anything like it according to people I have chatted with. The only thing I do feel good about is that they are uniform in that all the seeds that came out of the exact same package in the exact same system all have the exact same physical characteristics. Which I have mitched about in the past. These are all the same genetics but they aint Chimera #3. Hopefully they are Fems. I was warned.


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Great thread. Informative, entertaining, and bud porn. Can't ask for more. I'm all caught up and ready to see this roll on. I have two C99 fems from Growers Choice growing in my multi grow. Both a month old in veg and look like two different plants. Oh well.

Looking forward to the rest of the show.
I still get a big mental block squishing them over. It is OK. I went about a week to 10 days more than I normally do before I flipped. I am going to somewhat lollipop them - and that IS something I have done and feel comfortable doing. These fkrs aint chimera. They do have an extreme super skunk twist to them. Crossing my fingers. They do at east have all the same characteristics physically. Again I was warned by 2 people I look up to here. Nobody's fault but mine.

I would say my transition from veg to flower is over and this is week 1, for me anyways. I loli popped 3 of the 5 pretty good. Plan to see how much difference in over all weight I end up with Lolli VS not per plant. I know it saves trimming and dealing with all the larf but for someone as small as me - does it matter? It will be curious to watch the difference in structure of the actual tops and all when they finally kick in to filling out. There has also been a transition smell wise, from the skunk tinge to an extremely rotten fruit smell. It is not super strong yet, if it gets that way at all, but it is a def change. Physically they all still have the same characteristics which I do like. Now hopefully they make a ton of trichomes. The de-humidifier is in, on and working overtime already and we are still weeks away from warm muggy days here.


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Looking good in there. I gotta get in there and clean some undergrowth as well. I like to clean them out a little just before 12/12 and a little more after the stretch but I never get to crazy with it. I have trouble wrapping my head around folks that damn near strip a plant bare. Some strains grow so dense ya almost have to get in there and remove some material or possibly face issues down the road. Growing indoors isn't natural for a plant so have to step in sometimes.
Thank you for doing this experiment Bogus... I too am very curious about the difference between the two types of growing. I prefer stripping off the lower part of the plant but have always been a little afraid to full on lollipop plants... see it done a lot with single cola, few with multiple branches too and it came out great...
pulling up my bean bag... yeah, I'm old.. lol
So far - - And there is a heck of a long long way to go... The ones that got Lollipopped are slightly smaller than the ones that didn't... I am not sure how much of it was genetics.
I understand not having to trim all the larf stuff... I am thinking - at least at this early stage - that it isn't a great idea to do it to the extreme.
Again = long long way to go for me.
Gabagoo is next !!!

Dehumidifier is cranking out some H2O - I have the bubbler turned way down to almost nothing... Not even close to being warm and muggy here yet.

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