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Feb 14, 2006
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Hi all. Have another newbie question. I keep reading about co2 and some peeps say its not needed in a small grow op. I'm going to have just a few plants but my grow box is small & sealed. Should i set up a simple c02 system? is it really important when you have fans? I want the best i can do for my girls but I dont want to do it if it's pointless.
cheers :cool:
"If" your grow is sealed. You could benefit from c02 enhancemant. BUT in order to maximize c02 enrichment, a lot of expensive equiptment is required. Tanks, gauges, regulators, thermostaticly controled intake and exhaust. (those yeast/water/vinegar setups are a joke)
"IMHO" more than it is worth, especially on small ops. Again.."IMHO". you would benefit more by simply maximizing fresh air circulation.
So ok. I read this thing you can do with fermentation and i was going to hook up a lil fermentor and put the tube that lets the co2 out near the intake fan so that it blows the co2 in with the fresh air.

r u saying that if I dont get the regulator & stuff that it would be better to not do this? thanks for your help.

oh wait. I see you said it's a joke. oops. I guess i wont do it then if you think that. I just want to do the best I can. cheers
I agree with Hick 100%.
I ran a $1,000.00 set-up for awhile. It involved driving many miles of driving and lugging a heavy tank to the welding shop every 10 days to get re-filled.
Since it only shaved a week off the time it took from clone to harvest, after awhile it became more trouble than it was worth, and I shut it down and sold most of the equip.

Excellent flo-thu ventilation, which costs only $30.00 for a few bathroom exhaust-type fans is much more cost-effective for the home grower.
Thanks! Most people make it sound so important. You are all most helpful.
Cheers! :D

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