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Aug 27, 2005
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hey guys hows it going just need to know im getting some work done on my house and the dudes that are wiring in the alarm and putting in a nice big satelite dish are going in to be spending alot of time in the attic my problem is that i have my venting fans going up in to the area where the dish is going to be put up i have 2 fans 1 for air coming in and 1 for air going out and i have the induction pipes going from the fan to and out side area (for air coming in) and the one with the air going out is just a fan blowing air out straight in to the attic i was wondering if a can switch off the light as it passes through the fan going out and lights up a bit of the attic can i switch that light off and the fan off in the weekends as this is when they are free to work and put them back on in the week days ill be taking out the piping and hiding the fans under some of the fibreglass thats there to keep the house warm and dry they will be doing it over a few weeks just need to know will this affect the plants growing is it a bad idea?? any replies to this would be great thanks oh and they start work next week so i have 7 days to do the best i can to hide all this thanks
Any inconsistancy in lighting schedules, isn't good for plants, and prolonged dark periods(the weekend) will make them stretch a lot, at the very least.
Might be doable, though. They won't be working 24 hours a day. Can you schedule a "lights on" period for nights. On after they leave, off before they return?
You can do what hick said. Or If you just cover up the fans real good that should stop any light from filtering into the the attaic. Not just throw something on top, but cover it up with something real thick and tight. Cover it up from both sides.

I don't know how many plants you are growing plus the smell that is being produced from the plants. If it is a lot then I would make sure those fans are covered very well if the smell is strong.
i have 6 plants in there they do a quite a strong smell i could swith the lighting time will this affect the plants at all???, i was gonna cover it and just leave them running but im worried that this will cause the fans to do nothing but just spin and blow and suk no air
dont let them in the attic, get up there and run them wires yourself. or maybe schedule the install after your harvest. i know if i were wiring your attic, i wouldnt have to see a light. the smell is all you need to tell what your doing.

i wouldnt chance strangers in my attic.
cool thanks weeddog ill be changing the schedule till after the harvest i think that would the best idea for it im no electrician lol so ill probably electricute my self lol but thanks for that dude most appreciated

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