can i transplant 3week old in soil 2 bubbler hydro

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Apr 6, 2011
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hey ive got 2 big bud seeds that are 3 weeks old in bio bizz all mix soil i just bought a bubbler system would i be able 2 transplant into the bubbler with out it dying or not any help would be great
I have heard it can be done but forget the details.
I am sure it was something like carefully rinse off all the soil and transplant to your bubbler.
Hopefully someone with more knowledge on the subject will be along soon.
Green mojo Bonzo. W
I think the real key here is gonna be what type of medium yu are gonna use in the bubbler. I am completely unexperienced with this situation but if it were me, and I assume yu will be going into hydroton (which is usually what ya use in bubblers i think), rinsing and placing tender, naked roots into that is a disaster waiting to happen,:doh: I would either use some sort of peat plug that is split (or rockwool plug) so that the seedling can be protected within a softer environment, and then set into the hydroton, or use a coco cup and take the same size amount of soil (as would fit in the cup) up with the seedling within it and put it in the coco cup, then set that in the hydroton. Disturbing the roots at this point I don't think is too critical so long as they aren't damaged. If yu do use the soil in the bubbler, make sure yu put it in a cup of some sort or yu will constantly stop up yer system. Good luck and good grow mojo:farm:
I transplant bare roots from a bubble cloner into a dwc bucket sometimes. Almost all my cuttings spend some time in a small bubbler, growing roots, then get transplanted into a netpot with the roots exposed. This does not cause a problem as long as you do a few simple things.
Make sure the hydroton (clay pellets) have a good soaking and are wet when you carefully place them around the roots. I used to have losses at this stage but not any more since I started wetting the hydroton.
Peace W
I also do like woody.....however, taking a plant from soil to hydro is a little different. You are going to damage the roots when you rinse the soil off and it is going to stress the plant for awhile. I have done it, but the plants always take a while to recover.
thanks for feed bk every 1, she is looking great so hope didnt stress her 2 much only time will tell

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