canadian seed banks

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Apr 6, 2011
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hello all im looking for seed banks in b.c/ canada. alot say there in canada, but there not, i cant find any
sowamaing and hempdepot top my mind
there's also vancouver seedbank or the VISC.. i'm not big on them though, they seem hype and overpriced imo

i know what ya mean though, always found it funny how BC seed co are in the uk

*i've not used any of the above.. got most mine from oversea's no problem (last pack arrived in 5 work days from the uk to BC)
the ones mentioned are all i know, i also havent used them, i have ordered from overseas, why do they have to be Canadian?
I have ordered from Sow....good service dank beans. Hemp depot is top notch from what I have heard as well....only place that carries Leprechaun Seeds.
thanks all!! a great web group we have going here. thanks for all the help
One more + vote for Hemp Depot. Used them 4 times now without any problems (and their selection is bigger now).

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