Cannabis Humidor

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Not so fast. We used to smoke cigars which is where all the humidity control packs come from. I assure you that while a bag or jar will keep a cigar fresh longer nothing beats a humidor with a moisture control pack. It’s not that I have money burning a hole in my pocket it’s more I want to know. I am retired and this is my current project
I’d get 7 small jars with good seals to store your smoking weed and refill them with the freezer weed when they are empty. You could drop in one of those tiny humidity pacs to ensure it stays at 62%. I love jars. I have weed stored in them now a year and a half when I crack the lid, it smells and is as fresh as when I put it in there. I check all the different harvests from time to time and I have found no need to freeze my weed so far.
or you could preroll a bunch of each strain and store them like real cigars in a box like boos. I’ve never tried this but would be glad to sample a hand rolled cannabis cigar out of your humidor if you need a tester 🤪
I get it where I want it and seal in glass.
Not sure why you want to poke holes in the lid of a glass jar as it defeats the purpose of glass?
Ok so I ordered the materials I want to use.

I have a food grade plastic container capable of holding pint jars.
I have a 1 lb Boveda pack
I have a piece of unfinished mahogany lumber

The reason I need a way for the jars to breathe is it needs to work with the mahogany for enhanced curing

I also bout two quarter lb grove bags
I wonder how much this would hold. Seen them for as low as $130 too
Do your research on Grove bags. I along with most of the folks that I know that grow weed keep their product in those bags and they stay at a perfect 62% humidity… they come in 1 ounce sizes and would work perfectly for your needs…
I agree ☝️

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