******* Cat

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Oct 4, 2005
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Okay, so I bought my girlfriend a cat so she would shut up about having a pet. Little did i now this cat happens to be the biggest pothead i have ever seen. She will literally yowl at you if you dont send a hit her way. Anyways this morning i wake up and smot a doobie with kitty. After the session i go to check on my babies(3 week old BBxNL). I run into the kitchen to get some water for them from the fridge and when i get back i see the ******* cat in the closet. She had devoured 14 of my 19 plants, and crumpled the rest into oblivion. Im so freaking pissed off. i spent like $650 on a grow closet to get some good weed and the ******* cat kills all my dreams of killer weed in less than 2 minutes. I hate that ******* thing. Does anyone want a free cat?:mad: :mad:
That does suck but you may as well try and salvage any plant still alive, even if the main stem is broken Ive seen plants repair themselves and grow in a question mark shape sometimes which can give interesting yields
I tried to get the remaining plants to come back to life but the just dont seem to have the life left in them. I hsve them supported by straws but they turned yellow and died. i guess im just gonns hsvr to tske some bagseeds and start all over with them.

I told her i wanted a dog!:mad:

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