Chasing PH 5.8

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Apr 10, 2011
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Rookie grower. Our water comes out of the tap at 6.8-7.4. I sufuric acid it down. Ordered ph down from Ehydroponics and they pawned off 99.9 % citric acid and it can't keep it dow for ten minutes. MY PROBLEM... I am constantly adjusting PH. In the morning my PH is always upto 6.1 and my Nutes skyrocket from initial 1250 to 1810 (example). I adjust PH back down lower and lower (today 910) Last night 1010 to 1340 ph 5.8 to 6.1. I buffer for 2 days. My filtered water comes out at 310 ppm. What is going on. Have 2 leaves (out of dozens) on top that actually shrivelled and burned. Can't send pics till I get a new phone.
shriveling and burning isnt PH issues...have ya tried mollases? that brings PH down..Best of luck

take care and be safe
Filtered water @310 PPM is awful high. Have you considered a RO set up or distilled water?


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