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nouvellechef said:
40/120? That would be like what, 4k ppm???? 15/15 is 800ppm.
I didn't want to say anything but it sounds very high to me aswell !!
I only feed the 40/120 in flower. My veg ebb and flow runs the lucas form over 800 ppm from the start, so ending at a ppm of 1600-1800 will be normal.

The proof is in the pudding unlimitedblackx, big ppm=big buds.

Dont go throwing 1500ppm worth of nutes on some seedlings thinking what I said here will make them huge overnight. You have to let the plants get use to a high feeding schedule. its better to start when they are young ime, the weak and sickly looking get culled asap to make room for the bread and butter.

I dont waste any time on weak feeders....last thing I want is weak buds.

If i find a strain that will take 8000ppm you can guarentee i will push her past that. ;)

Ive used the lucas formula and its just not enough for what I do in flower.

Thats just me!
Hey I wanna try that on these Rooie maries when I 12/1 them. They are the biggest Nute Hogs I have ever grown. ha ha

My gurl's are going on 3 weeks from seed, 2 weeks in RDWC, 8 of them about 5 inche's tall right now, i bumped up the PPM to 850 this morning, i was at 650 and they are looking great. So i should be raising PPM every week till the tips start showing nute burn and back up a little ?? witch should be anywhere between 1200 and 1800 ??
hey black BX....

unlike what was spoken of hydro methods and ppm recipies, DWC and RDWC have everything to do with PPMs.

knowledge is key here where expierence comes into play.

I run an ebb and flo with medium is saturated for less than 10 minutes fully every 4 hrs.

the roots are not in solution 100 percent of the time...therefor can take the higher ppms in my feed schedule.

being in an rdwc you ppms WILL be lower....

are you feeding with an R/O solution where your ppm start is low??

if so you will DEFINATELY see a lower ppm starting out t hen someone who says they mix this ratio with this (with the same amt of nutes)in thier tap water and get this high ppm from the get go.
what you need to look for is any sign of nute burn being in your rdwc.

it could burn at 900 ppm could be 1200...

watch the plants and you will find what they like.

bumping up the ppm will find you pleasure i promise. :D

EDIT- PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT - less is more in the beginning!!!!!
Thanx a lot for the info trillions....Now i understand why some ppl say PPM needs to be lower in RDWC, and that's why i was confused at first about your 40/ make's sense now !! Now i hope i didn't kill my baby's with 850 ppm. I'm using tap water from a well with a ppm of arround 70,80 and PH at 7 so that's close to R/O water i suppose !! thanx again and i will watch my girl's very closely !!
if you see a sign of the "claw" its ok....dosing at a higher PPM than normal usually leads to a higher PH in the solution..."the claw" . itcan happen with PH swing from LOW ppm solutions to HIGHN ppm solutions.

Adding bak r/o water will help with burn. ....if you watch them you will know what is to much and what is to little.

there are tons of probs posted in the sick forum where plants are underfed and are huge and olny need more food!!

I have the same strain in separate buckets. Some burned at 1200, some are fine at 1500....Might be more related to root development then strain dependent.

Just a thought*

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