cloneing durban

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Mar 4, 2018
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hello everyone, i have 5 durban poison ladies going there at 3 wk flowering. There looking nice , i used fox farm grow big druing veg. but nothing yet for flowering. i topped them all off and there about a foot n a half tall.. The clones that i took from them are all smaller.. and i used root hormone powder. there in my window cill to get light.. as my leds are used for the flowering . they seem to be ... or ARE... all drooping down... like there dieing.. any tips on how i can bring these clones back to life....?????? Ill post some pics tmrw... its late now ... 1 am.. please help.. there in plastic flear cups with dirt... and dont seem to be growing.. they ben in the cups for about a week almost two...?? in soil... with root hormone..
Don't use clear cups for rooting. The plants' roots like the darkness. I highly recommend you get the standard "solo cup" from the grocery store. Take each cup and, using a hot nail (heated with a torch), melt 3-4 holes in the sides of the base. This will allow proper drainage. Cutting slits in the plastic is not good enough, it needs the round hole to properly drain. I use a 16penny nail.
I would also recommend that you get the "rapid rooter" type cloning plugs to set your cuttings and seeds. These make life easier. I use a pair of sharp scissors and cut them lengthwise, almost in half, but leave about 1cm not cut. This makes it easier to set the cuttings. Then I press in the medium around the plug to hold it snug to the cutting.
Your cuttings are falling over because they are drying out. Contrary to popular belief, the plant cannot draw water up into its cut end. The cutting has to get all of its water and nutrients through the leaves. I told you what I do in your other thread to prevent this problem. I hope this helps :)

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