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What are the steps taken for making clones? i have heard like 10 different ways and would like to know the best way.
its hard to say which way is best. you should try all 10 and decide for yourself. practice makes perfect. so far i havent found the best way yet, but do have some success with dwc cloning. i'm trying other ways also.
when can you start cuttin clones (vegging, flowing) and can you cut any branches??
3 weeks into the veg stage is best.
I like to make sure there's 2 sets of branches above your cut.
Use a sterile(new) razor blade when cutting.
Dip end in rootone & stick in potting soil. Mist & water it alot. Know what works good is put em in a cooler with saran wrap over the top to keep in humidity.
Then if mom turns out to be dad, chuck clone.
You can take a clone from a female flowering plant but the time it takes to rejuvinate her is too long.
Make sure you label your clones to match the plants they came off of so you know which ones to chuck.
Obviously if Plant #A turns female, then Clone #A will be female too.
I just chop the tops a few weeks before I flower. And clone them for the next grow. I just take the top two nodes off. Seems to work fine for me.
Clip at an angle, dip in cloning powder, stick in peat pot with seed starter soil. soak the pots good, stick them in something that holds moisture and is clear ( I use a upside down clear rubbermaid tub ), put a floro on top. And wait. Mist once or twice a day.

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