Cloning while flowering?

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Feb 6, 2006
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Hello everyone,

New 2 the site...Great forum setup and fast response on the posts :)

My question is, can you clone while in the flowering phase? I have a Northern Lights #5 plant in its 2nd week of flowering (about 16 inches high).

Thanks a lot in advance,

I've done it with NL. During flower though it takes a lot longer to root from what I noticed. It is not good to put the plant under stress while flowering though. It is def. better to clone during veg.
yes it is possable to clone in flower only if its an autoflower strain (lowryder mazzar ..ect.) but could take an extra week or so to switch back to veg
Thanks a lot for the inforamation guys....I'll post the results here :)
if you want clones it is best to just veg long enough to distinguish m/f then it is to stress your plant out while flowering. it probably will take more energy away from your flowering plant to rebuild itself instead of into budding ,potency and size .

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