CO2 - To Do or Not To Do, that is the Question!

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Drinks cheap beer and farts all night in his grow room
I thought the solution was Strapping Grow Bags to a Bulls A$$...Manure & CO2 in a Mobile Unit! What Cops's gonna go in a Pasture to grab a Plant strapped to a 2,500 Pound Brahman Bull? They have Nasty Tempers and are FAST! (But those Humps are Prime Beef! around $50 a pound & up)...for some reason I'm Hungry!
The CO2 gets exhausted out of the room I assume so it has to be constantly flowing from your tank. How much does it take per day to get to 1800 ppm? How warm do you run the room too? I doubt I will ever get to that level of automation/sophistication but I just like to know stuff. Thanks.
Hippie told me before that his is set to start releasing 30 minutes before the lights kick on and believe it kicks off 30 minutes before they say goodnight. as far as exhaust? my guess is CO2 is heavier then Oxygen enriched air, therefore it stays low and the high mounted Fan operates at the top region of the room, but still looks like it would be pulled out. Will take a Brain far larger then My Peanut to answer, maybe running release tubes up the stalk of each plant or an intermittent Fan & Gas Timer kicks one off & the other head hurts....too much Data Dave...Hal? Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal, I cannot do that Dave my Memory Banks are full...MUST DOWNLOAD DAveeee.....

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