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Mar 9, 2007
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Hello, MP

I started on this forum a long time ago, I think it was 2008 or 2009. I had different screen names, and as recently as 2 years ago, asked to have my old screen name changed out of paranoia, the need for which is now obsolete where I live, and almost completely so.

My , how times have changed, from nervously paying cash for my now-classic Mel Frank Grower's Guide, to increasing combinations of legalization and decriminalization. Good condition copies of that Mel Frank book are now selling for over $100. Mine is not in good condition. It was used for its intended purpose: a grower's guide. I read that book around 5 times, and continued to reference it as my first grows progressed.

Around the same time I got the Mel Frank "bible" (and Borders Books was better than Barnes and Noble could ever be), computers and DSL internet were affordable. But I never signed up for growing forums then, or searched online for information. In some ways, we were smarter then. We knew everything we wrote and searched for was being tracked to our names, but we had not yet become desensitized to it, to the point that we don't even question having a fingerprint scanner built into our phones, and most people simply don't care that the microphone is always monitoring every word you say. But I digress. I had some successful grows from bag seed in those early days, and opened a door to the great and life-changing skill and love of growing plants.

By the time I first joined this forum, I was taking a few more calculated risks. I purchased seeds from some very fine Canadians , and a 600 watt HPS lamp. I don't think I uploaded any grow pics though. I still had half a brain then. I'd had two friends that had been busted. I'd seen dark vehicles go slowly by at 5am. I kept my head down. Hadn't grown for years. But I'd just gone through having a new wife cheat on me, leaving her, living in an apartment over the top of a Russian-owned liquor store, feeling like life was over. **** it, I said. Order the seeds.

It was from Highgrade, way back in the day. They were some hot beans I tell you what. 100% germination in 2-5 days. I ordered Blueberry, and Purple Cindy. One of the Blueberry plants I cloned had an exceptionally short flowering time, and I passed around many good clones of it. That one Blueberry was, to date, my greatest success in terms of impact. Because that plant went on to be cloned for years and years, and I can honestly estimate that thousands of people would have ended up smoking of it. If you smoked Blueberry around 2010 around Albany NY, there is a good chance that was my plant. I didn't sell it, I just followed the hobby and the passion, and shared plants when I could. But I do not hold feelings against those who did, or do, sell bud. That would be illogical.

The Purple Cindy "A" plant was something special. I didn't know about carbon filters yet. I had I think 6 blueberry and 3 purple cindy flowering away, and the PC had this 24" cola I'd trained horizontally (inspired by some of the classic photos in the Mel Frank book) Actually, now I remember: it was the Purple Cindy incident that brought me to online grow forums. Because the odor of that plant was unbelievable. Actually I'm lucky it smelled so extremely citrusy, because it didn't register as weed , I think, to the people all eating lunch at the cafe next door, and walking in and out of the liquor store. Strong wafts of pineapple-mango candy is what it smelled like. It completely obfuscated the Blueberry smell, which was probably a good thing. Oh and I think I had Black Queen going also, which was a whole other ball of wax. Yes, Black Queen. Medicinal grade indica. The leaves turned red and black on that one, and it had an extremely dense sort of licorice smell to it. Bulldozer weed. I asked for that as my "bonus" seeds for the sake of others, as I don't like or need heavy indica stones.

So yes, here I had 3 pungent strains and around 9 plants, some large, flowering in a tent I DIY'ed, with a 600 watt light going (in boost mode), and no carbon filter. I'm not sure how it is I didn't see that coming. I just hadn't grown serious strains like Blueberry before. My bagseed I'd grown stank a little, but it was nothing like this. LOL I had no idea what was about to happen, and with cannabis there can be very little odor in earlier flowering, and then - you know -

So in a panic, I ran to the Home Depot, bought several carbon furnace filters, rolled them into a cylinder, and with copious amounts of duct tape, in 15 minutes created a filter that actually lasted through the rest of the grow. Not to mention , probably saved me from jail. The choice of furnace filters was my own innovation, but the knowledge and gist of what to do came from a DIY someone had posted here. Thank You. Shalom. Namaste.

Years went by, I stopped growing, then started again. I took Blue Dream clones, which is a strain that reliably and safely stops/ prevents seizures in microdoses of non-THC cannabinoids found in leaves - I took clones of that over State lines, to people who needed it - Moonshiners! Represent! I never really thought about being at all "proud" about that. But it happened.

I learned hydroponics, TDS meters (no not what TDS tends to mean today), built an aeroponics system eventually, and my record on the 600 watt was one pound in a cycle. Many of you are better growers than I, but that wasn't too bad. Pound of bud in 9 weeks on 600? I think I had 50 plants crammed in there, stadium seating with shelves, aeroponic rails down the middle, soil plants on the shelves, three tiers of them and across the back. I used a mushroom co2 booster in there as well. They were good buds. That was also the grow in which I discovered, from forums, how to use rosemary extract to seriously push back mites - saved the crop! so much better than neem oil! Now you can buy the rosemary and etc. stuff commercially, but not then.

Then there was a long dormancy, not growing, not sure when/if I will. I would move somewhere, scoping out its potential, move in, and something would change fundamentally to the situation that forced a reassessment. But then some State laws change, and I've got 4 plants I'm about to put outside , after I take some cuttings. It's been an awful time lately with unreasonable stress I seek to cut out of my life - and I've been neglecting the heck out of them, and they've all got powdery mold on them I've just mixed up a spray for, and am going to try to save. They seem not badly affected YET and one plant has no mold. It's not strictly legal yet to grow these, but in a matter of months it will be anyway. So I am stealthing them, and the local vegetation is plenty to hide them, and its a wooded area over a rill behind a cottage I rent where no one goes.

Wish I could just put them next to the vegetables, but that will be possible this time next year! Three plants, anyway. So grow trees in you're in NY, boys and girls. GROW TREES. lol

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