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i suppose it all depends on how much is in the account…

mine was waaaaaay to much to walk away from , i bought a coin around $400

then it went up to what , $64,000 for one bitcoin!?

and i am in the camp of those who say BC will hitting six figures this year

good luck Amigo!
28,000 or so right now, for Bitcoin.

I see coinbase is now requiring us to tell it who we are sending BTC to. That's pretty much the last straw for me...

Kicking off in 2 days, Coinbase will introduce some changes required by local regulations. Specifically, when you send crypto outside of Coinbase, we are required to ask you for the name and physical address of the recipient and the purpose of transfer. This allows us to verify that you control the Coinbase Wallet that is receiving the crypto assets, which is a requirement under the new regulations.​
It had to happen sooner or later. Soon they will refuse to transfer to or from any "unverified" wallet.
I have not sent any cryptos nor purchased anything from the multitude of stores out there that accept BitCoin as payment so it does not bother me

i usually sell the crypto and then transfer the money to my account and then withdraw the money and do whatever i want with it , like buy some gold and silver
I was talking to a person with a little knowledge on the subject and he said that if everything goes bad silver will be easier to barter with than Gold Eagles. Gold now is $2,000/oz and would be difficult to trade for every day necessities. He did say buy gold in smaller coins and absolutely no proofs. You won't get a premium just because it is a proof.
Your real problem will be defending your home (fort) from well organized , armed marauders that will come at you in waves if they find out you have something they need.
If it comes to that you better be well fortified with plenty of support. Are you going to be re-active or pro-active? I'm fked.
If it comes to that you better be well fortified with plenty of support. Are you going to be re-active or pro-active? I'm fked.
Hard to defend a wood framed house, you can take quite a few before they realize they only need fire.
one can of gas will kill everyone in the structure.
Look what they did to the poor bastards in Waco
The power grids will be gone, the Government will not save anyone , even old ladies. Yes we all will be on survival mode, and be able to take another life if need be, Some people can not even kill a fish these days.
Best place is to have a escape bunker away from people , no one else can know about it. Keep it well stocked and SECRET.
I meant the Fish comment to non sportsman fishermen. (not you)
Someone who has never even had a fight in their whole life.
There are plenty of wussies now a days.

Could you imagine a platoon size gang of well armed illegals that have been crossing the boarder for the past few yrs, armed by a secret cash supporter.

Now picture a few thousands of such squads throughout the country.

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