Anyone know how to help me? I'm losing my mind and in a lot of pain now

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Jun 11, 2014
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Here is my situation... I'm currently fighting to get Social Security Benefits. I was put out of work and disabled shortly before my son (now 2 1/2) was born. I crushed 4 discs in my spine and they continue to bulge up against my sciatic, A1 and N1 nerve roots. Its taken a lot of getting used to. The doctors here in MN tried to pump me full of opiates and pills. These did absolutely nothing for me but make me feel "messed up and not in control of my body" I finally quit the pills after a long battle with the itches. This was all in part due to my surgeon's (who had just moved here from Colorado) suggestion to try using medical marijuana to ease my pain. This is absolutely the only thing I've been able to use for the pain and still maintain myself as well as take care of my 2 year old son. I'm his primary caregiver (his only parent, that really cares). I kicked his mom out of the house shortly after he was born in an attempt at tough love as she was careening out of control with what I consider bad drugs and alcohol. She didn't get the tough love aspect and wound up in Jail and is now on felony probation. I should also mention that when my son was born (unbe-nounced to me) he was born with THC in his system. This prompted a visit from Social Services. The lady told us that she would rather have us using marijuana than have us drinking or using harder drugs and that was the end of it. I'm a dedicated father and my son is my life. I had made it my goal to give my son what I never got as a child and to be the dad that I didn't have growing up. I've never ever not been in control of my own body under the pain relief of MMJ. It actually is one of the reasons why I'm able to still function and live my life and put a smile on his face as often as I can. I've never been in trouble with the law besides 2 ex girlfriends (that also went to jail) lying after they were called for verbal altercations. They both have gone on record saying they lied to hurt me and get me in trouble other than that I have a small amount charge that I had to pay $30 for in 2010. I'm more than safe with my son and have taken certain steps to ensure his safety (he is a little houdini) this included putting double or triple locks on doors exiting the house that are not within his reach. Well one rainy/drizzly day when I wouldn't let him go play on our jungle gym in the back yard I laid down with him to help him nap at his request. I regrettably was a bit more tired than normal as I had to help a friend move out of my house (I rent out 2 rooms usually of my 4 bedroom home in order to help pay for our home). I had asked his mother the night before if she would help out and take him or help out with him the next day (as it was her weekend technically and she hadn't taken him or helped with him in over 9 months). She refused. So I was a bit more tired than normal and maybe I shouldn't have lain down with him but regardless I fell asleep with him in my arms. I woke up to 2 guns pointed at my face. The police had invaded my home without ringing my doorbell or knocking and now had guns pointed at my face. Of course this sent me into a panic as the last thing I remembered less than an hr before was holding him in my arms and thinking he must be asleep already... My son had gone downstairs in the basement and figured out how to unlock my sliding glass door which was locked with a lock, a metal bar that was covered with a blanket and the blanket was covered up with a bunk bed. I didn't even know he know it was a door (hes brilliant) the cops at first accused me of being "high" I said how can I be high if I just woke up? The fact that I was sleeping is the reason my eyes are a bit red. My hearts racing because you broke into my home instead of ringing the doorbell and I demanded that they give me a saliva test or some type of test that would indicate whether or not I was. After being so adimate about not being high or even having used that day they finally let up. Then they started telling me how they've had their kids "escape" and it wasn't a big deal and that it looked like I had the place fairly secure but I needed to clean up. I informed them that the basement besides laundry was primarily rented out and the reason it was disorganized and messy was because my tenants had just moved out and they didn't clean up well. During this time 2 of the officers (apparently I needed 6 police officers with their muddy shoes on in my home to joke with me about how their kids would do the same thing) I noticed my son was gone I asked the 2 officers where he was they shrugged their shoulders in disbelief. I ran outside after him he had gone out the same door and had already made it around the front of the house (a good 80yards from where we were standing) I couldnt believe that they were supposed to be watching him yet instantly failed to keep him inside. They told me that they couldn't charge me with anything but they were insistent on having a friend, or family member come and stay with us over night to make sure he would be ok. It just so happened to be my mom's birthday and her and my family were in the cities (we live in Owatonna) going out to eat. They didn't think it was a big deal or tell me now that they didn't hear me say the cops are here and I need help with jake.... I tried calling a few friends but no one answered. I was wide awake and definately not falling back asleep anytime soon... I tried to argue with them that they had let him escape and they were awake and in the same room as him! Yet they insisted I find someone. Then one of the sergeants that I dealt with before regarding my troublesome ex suggested that they could find him a quote "overnight professional baby sitter" and that I could get the place picked up a bit and pick him up the next day (It was Sat so on Sunday) I was extremely hesitant as I've never let my son stay over with anyone that I didn't know very very well. They ensured me that it was perfectly safe and they were professionals. The lady that shows up is clearly a lady for the county and so I'm more weary they ensure me don't worry you can clean up and get him tomorrow. Even the lady told me this. Well they lied. I didn't get my son back that Sunday or Monday. Monday afternoon after I made phone calls trying to locate him and figure out what the hell they had done a lady from CPS or Social Services shows up at my door. We have a long talk I was open and honest and told her I only smoke when hes sleeping or not with me. I don't get high, I don't drink and I hate taking pills that make me feel gross. She had me do a UA that proved exactly what I was saying. She told me that the only way I'd be getting my son back at this point was if I did mandatory treatment, parenting classes, and I was looking at a minimum of 6 months. I broke down not only was I lied to and manipulated I was no addict. I said what if I just quit and test clean I really can't be away from my son... We hadnt been apart since hes been born. Hes my pride and joy. She said no you need to goto treatment. I said the lady that was here before said she was fine with me smoking for my disability. She said well I'm not and we took a vote at the office and this is what you have to do. I said I've never ever heard of a child being forcefully taken from a parent that wasn't charged with a crime or when it was their first mistake ever let alone for marijuana. She said it was fine when I had my alcoholic girlfriend living hear abusing felony level drugs and stealing me and my son's money but when she was kicked out out it became not ok. I said well I've been getting child support from her for over a year now you guys could have let me know about this change... how would I know? I convinced her to at least let my mother be awarded temporary custody so I could still see him. But I feel like I've been violated my rights have been broken and I've been abused. I said you know marijuana is becoming legal soon I'll hopefully be able to be perscribed (like my 3 doctors all said they would do for me and they all suggested I continued to use as it was less harmful on my body than the pills, my mother and father were in the office to witness this suggestion from these MD's) she said when that day comes we can talk about you getting your son back. Well the gov signed the bill less than 20 days later now I want my son back. I've wanted him back. I've wanted to fight this and sue these evil people but I don't know if I have a case or am even in the right. I'm broke and can't really afford to hire a lawyer at this point. All I know is everyday away from him is harder and harder and our bond is being broken and I quit using MMJ so now my pain is ridiculous and my inability to sleep is back along with my trouble eating and I'm more depressed and a 100x worse than when he was taken from me. I'm hoping 4 crushed discs in my spine is enough of a reason to be perscribed here in MN but the law is very unclear...

Can you help clear this up for me and or give me advice. Sorry for the long email I wanted to be as descriptive as possible in case these state workers are in violation of the law themselves. (as I feel that they are by entering my home without permission and lying to my face then forcing me to do things and stealing my baby when I had done nothing wrong)

Thanks for your time I look forward to your response,

you can reply with wisdom, help or whatever to my email [email protected] this is a copy of an email i just sent off to the state
That's horrible. I've heard more horror stories regarding CPS then good ones.
any time the government gets involved to make thing better they just **** things up worse then the were . very sorry to hear about your situation but your gonna have to jump thru those fire rings, while covered in gasoline, they set up and hope you don't burn.
the whole system is designed for everyone to fail. good luck.
any time the government gets involved to make thing better they just **** things up worse then the were . very sorry to hear about your situation but your gonna have to jump thru those fire rings, while covered in gasoline, they set up and hope you don't burn.
the whole system is designed for everyone to fail. good luck.

Exactly....they just hope you get fed up and abandon the process....true! That's how they keep from actually giving deserving people their benefits they are entitled too....sry to hear your story bud.....:(
i would contact N.O.R.M.L. and see if they could help locate a pro bono attorney in your area
troll masters got the idea. Do that! Welcome to the forums though man good luck

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