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Mar 9, 2022
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Eastern VA
A few days ago I let my dog out the front door while I went to start my car. It's a pretty standard ritual where I lean in to start the car then stand up and wait for him to run up and jump in. But this time I looked up and didn't see him. He had been out of my sight for less than 10 seconds.

Across the yard at the mailbox on the corner I see a car stopped with my dog inside and I sprint toward it. There's a young woman getting into the driver's side when I get there. She says, "oh, is this your dog?" I wasn't completely awake or I would have taken her keys when I opened the door to get my dog.

She left without interference, and I kept my dog, but another 5 seconds and I'm sure I would have never seen the dog again. Only thing I can think of is she noticed me and the dog on previous days, and knew when and where to wait. A neighbor's security cam got her and her car, but we couldn't make out the plate.

It's been three days and I'm still angry. If she had had the bad luck of being the second person to try that on me, things would have gone very different.
Was she trying to play it off like the dog just jumped into her car?
Not sure, but she had to stop the car, get out and come around to open the passenger door, then get back in on the driver's side to leave. I think the only reason she didn't get arrested was I was still too groggy to understand the situation and take her keys which were easily within reach.

I'm guessing she is a nut case who wanted my dog for herself, and not someone looking to profit from a 10 y/o schnauzer / mutt with half his teeth gone. But he has regular bouts of pancreatitis. If she took him to the vet they would scan his chip and discover him reported stolen.
Yet I must admit there are animal lovers out there when they find a dog out off lease they take him or her to safeguard it. Lots of times they post in local chat groups they found one and where they brought the animal to.
We have a large hospital that accepts lost dogs and cats as long as they are chipped or tagged.

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