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May 25, 2005
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I've visited/joined LOTS of 'em.
In fact, I was a mod at prob. the (currently) biggest one, overgrow[dot]com back in it's infancy (2000).
~Shabang ran things there back then, and remains one of the coolest ppl. I've ever met on-line. overgrow tried an experiment in free speech--a totally unmoderated forum called The Shark Tank.
It was cool--at first. Talk about whatever with people all over the world--it was a first for me.
But it quickly turned viscious.
People would post disgusting rascist shit, and ~S quickly appointed a mod to delete rascist posts.
By 2001, it was a cesspool. Most of the posts were people flaming each other.
When members got out of line in the regular forums, they were "tossed in the tank". They could only post there.
Well, being banned to the tank soon became a badge of honor for the kiddies. They would join, post shit in the regular forums for the purpose of getting banned.
It's scary seeing what people will post when unmoderated.
Finally, in '02, the plug was pulled. the tank was drained (shut down).
I chuckled when the outraged kiddies posted on the regular forums DEMANDING that the tank be re-filled.

Other sites:
Some are only lightly moderated. But the bigger/more popular the site, the more assholes you'll get. A lot of site's I'd like to see better modded.
But there was this one site--you couldn't mention any other drug, of any type, except marijuana.
You couldn't metion drinking alcohol, or taking cough medicine or even asprin. Or coffee or teas or soft drinks, anything with caffeine.

This site is nice, mod-wise. Although I'd like to see posts where people threaten death or violence deleted.
Why do you think I am here.

But there was this one site--you couldn't mention any other drug, of any type, except marijuana.

If you have been around the block we know which one this site was. I hit a medium status. After while though, it got to be really stuck up. You couldn't post without this self made bio-genetics wanna-be person telling you how to grow (but you would have had to spend a few thousand dollars to do it.)
I seen it become a very clickish (mispelled I know) site. Plus everyone tootin there own horn, like you ask a question and they say check out my grow. but there was a ton of good info it just is too big. If you made a statment in error you ended up being made an idiot of and gave them an opprotunity to show what they know. Instead of saying hey your misinformed check this post or something. Note: If I am wrong on a reply tell me, we all want the same a great grow. Just I am glad to see politness and manners on this site.

The other ones, I just had no use for. Besides some of the wiring diagrams and cardboard freaked the heck out of me.

This one shows promise as long as they can keep the hoodlums out of here and keep it for personal and small scale grows. It is smaller and everyone is apt to help without a bunch of ego's gettin in the way. Just I am glad to see politness and manners on this site. I figured this was a site for the people who got sick of the bigger more crowded ones and wanted something a little smaller like the cozy little Pub around the corner. Oh the guys that threaten violence (like the one post who wanted to learn how to sell weed) they pretty much got told to leave by everyone. I say be polite and mannerly and you will have members that act the same way.
LOL @ "Sharktank". That place was ruff!!
I agree wholeheartedly, the larger/more traffic we get, the more "undesirable" posts we're going to recieve. We desire the traffic, and it's great to be adding new members. But with this will come the few bad apples.

We're going to ask for the members help.
Near the bottom of each and every post, on the lefthand border, right beside the picture of the "scale", there is a small white triangle trimmed in red. You can use this button to report bad posts. (SPAM/racial/hatred/violence)

We really are fortunate to be supplied this venue to discuss and express. I enjoy my time here, and would like to thank the members for their participation, AND for keeping things civil and on topic. Making my job a breeeeeze
I remember when Overgrow started, back in the and of '99 I believe. They had great reports and info from the start, I always wondered where they got that info from. Did Overgrow started with a group of people, which i believe it did?

~Shabang was not only very knowledgable about the subject but was also a programmer and a good one, that gave a good advantage to the site and forum, he did
know how to add cool features to the site and stuff.

Then after a while it got sold a believe to Heaven Stairways seedshop. But ~Shabang kept at it for a while until things got out of hand I believe. Then a couple of guys together with the man from Seedsdirect (Gypsy Nirvana) started their own site including an offline magazine including a DVD. I ordered the stuff to check it out and it was ok, but nothing spectacular in my opinion, especially the DVD which was more a home video.

So, what happened to ~Shabang ? He's still around on the forums?

Thanks for helping out on this forum, you guys have a lot of knowledge together.
WoW..OG was where I started, too. Right about '99 or so, too. On a webtv!!

They still have one of the best(if not THE best) FAQ I've seen, but what a frikkin' zoo

Heavens Stairway (CannabisWorld) was my next stop
They have a wealth of info., but those cardboard grow boxes with a HID freak the hell out of me.

but, some of those set-ups are cool as hell. Lot can be said for stoner ingenuity.

I browse the others from time to time, but don't reply anymore. I seem to have found a niche here.

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