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Feb 7, 2013
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Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and let you all know who this crazy lady is. I am older ahem and have been smoking since about 1980. Boston, Van Halen Black Sabbath concert, best time ever. Fast forward to 2013, my partner then Joe was tent growing in a small apartment. He really did well after about 4 years. I came on here originally to ask about whether anyone used grow cycles and almanacs. Moved back to southern california and have plenty of light and space to grow now, so impulsively decided at the last minute to spend a ton of stimulus money on seeds. I got great seeds. I was using a tent and LED light and Joe had given me kinda crap advice telling me just lower the light about 4 inches away, anyway, I burned a lot of the first seedlings. It got way too hot in the tent and I realized I didn't have the cooling I needed to grow indoors, so I went outside. So I had already started them in pots too small. At this point I got impulsive and stupid and started some non-autos too late in the season, panicking that I was going to have nothing to smoke. Now I have nine thriving plants but I almost killed 4 of the 9 the other day. I guess here I wanted to talk about all the time you really need to put into this hobby. It's not cheap. It's heartbreaking. You grow attached to these girls. I even name them silly girl names. I have watched youtube ad naseum as well as reading here for hours. So many of you wonderful folks and your advice are the only reason I can grow anything. But what's up with that stupid pride thing that happens when an actual gorgeous baby girl bud actually grows really nice and big. I didn't do that, nature did it, the plant did it, the genetics did it, and God did it. He deserves props for the miracle that really does occur whether I am stupid or not. But damn just one day can mess the whole thing up. It's so devastating. Any new growers reading here just go back and spend another 800 hours researching because you don't know crapola. I don't know crapola. It's humbling as hell. Well, I trimmed down the plants I almost destroyed and realized they are almost harvest ready, I was lazy in my trimming and I didn't ever get to the molasses and bloom nute part. I used megacrop in coco buffered in calmag and had zero issues into I got cocky. Word to the wise, these living things can break your heart. Here are some pics of where I am today. Anyway, just wanted to vent and introduce myself, I am not giving up. I just need to smarten up. One last thing, it's fun! Thanks all of you old school and new school posters here. Much love and respect!


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Welcome, lady farmer! You're in a great spot, it seems everyone here is very knowledgeable. Happy to meet you, stick around, this place is just starting to rock!

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