do you get buds off hermies?

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Feb 19, 2006
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do you get any bud of hermies are do they mostly turn to seeds
You get buds that are completely full of seeds usually. I kill anything with male traits, so I've never grown a hermie indoors. But I used to get one on occasion outside.
you can smoke hermie bud but it will be full of seeds. :eek:
That is kinda' dependant on the "degree" of hermophradism. Some hermies eill produce many many staminate and will spew pollen everywhere. Others may only produce a very few rouge male genetalia, resulting in fewer seeds.

NEITHER are exceptable "IMHO"..but if it's the only plant you have, and you must grow it to maturity. "Please"..DO NOT use or pass those seeds on. Hermies are evil.
i have one female forsure im not sure weather the other is a hermie it has white hair in two pods,im not sure if white hairs are going to come out the in 10 days of flower.i just odered some seeds 3 strains white skunk ,white widow , and x-line a couple diffrent veriety's in one,which include haze

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