Dry weight is in.

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Diseased Strain

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Jan 29, 2005
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Looks like we got a little over 240 grams or around a half pound I guess. It's dry enough to sell so we weighed it and split it up. We each got 120 grams, or 6 jars each. We didnt do as hot as I thought we could. 8.5 oz's off 5 plants. But we only toped them once and they spent 4 weeks on the floor till we found the time and something to put them in the air with. We fixed that problum and put the light on a pully, so they shouldnt stretch out this round.

I'm going to be away for a while. So yall take care. I'm gona kick back and smoke some more of this purple bud.

Everything came out the same but #4 and #8. 4 came out purple and 8 came out tranclucent. Like it was ice or a verry white widdow dom..

I can see the widdow being there. But as I understand it it wass widdow and afghani. So I dont think all my seeds were K2. I think i got some purple passion in there too. Maybe some ice. Not that I'm complaining. The ice/widdow and purple ones are the best two. One hit is all you need.
I think it allways looks better in the jars. That means the work is done and now its time to smoke it. :)

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