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Dec 3, 2023
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I have a smorgasbord of strains for this grow. I'm cleaning out the seed stash and putting a big dent in the inventory. Initially I'd planned on all autos for a while but had to change gears. So what better alternative than feminized photos.

I may be asking for trouble with all these different strains but I'm okay with it. By the end of all this I should have a nice stash and can then work some auto seed in. So let's get this cranked up.

Adiding 300w
Szhlux 400w
Adiding 480w
Promix HP Myco
Myco granules
Jacks Classic 20/20/20
Jacks Classic Bloom

So what am I growing?
Durban Poison...Growers Choice
2 Cindy99...Growers Choice
Purple Haze...G13 Labs
G13 Haze... Barneys
2 Sugar Black Rose... Delicious seeds
Critical Kush...Barneys
NL/Skunk...G13 Labs
Tangie...I49 Seed
Dispensary Bagseed...
If they come up.....
Simple Wedding Cake S1...Pheno Finder
Double Black...G13 Labs
Afghan Skunk...Expert Seeds
Durban Poison...Growers Choice

The total depends on how many come up. There's 11 total growing and a possible 4 more.

New first for me this grow

Jacks Nutrients...I'm throwing all faith into Jack's for this run. Classic all the way. I'm not checking pH. Just dump, stir, water. I have some Epsom salts and CalMag on A friend sent me enough to last a while so I'm rolling with this. Excited to give it a try but it's going to be hard to not reach for that meter. Trust in the process I guess.
I swear man. Working with older seed is a pain. Been trying to round this batch off to an even twelve but getting this last plant up has been a test of patients. These seeds are a bunch sent to me by a friend a few years ago. He had a ton of freebies and sent me a lot. No way to tell how old they are.

I read something about seed the other day. It states to test seed viability ya throw away the ones that float. The ones that sink are supposedly viable. The floaters may or may not crack. Odds are very low. Now this makes me want to pay more attention when soaking seeds. Anyone else hear of or read about this? I'm curious as to how accurate this is or just **.
The Afghan/Skunk has emerged from the medium. Looks like she will be the last. The others have been in the medium for days and nothing is happening. So, that rounds out the lot to 12 plants and 10 strains. Should be a nice haul if all goes well.

Next time I start any beans I'm going to rough them up a little before soaking. Maybe some sandpaper in a pill bottle. Scuff them up a bit n see if that helps.
I'm hoping I've not started this lot to early. I still have a month or so to go on some photos before I can transfer all lamps into the large tent. Which means the cornbread will be near 7 weeks vegging with the others close behind.
I can also just throw the ripening photos in there with all the others when I choose to flip the tent. They're not that big and could finish in there easily. I dunno, plenty of options and always something to think about. The joys of
I've heard the floating seed thing. I think it's a holdover from floating eggs. Soak 'em and see is what I'd do.
Yeah, I think it's kinda **. I mean the Afghan/skunk I just had pop up was a floater. I'm sure I've have a few floaters in this lot I just wasn't paying attention. I will next time just to see what kinda odds the floaters give.
So I'm sitting with my plants last night having a nice joint and enjoying the view. There's this one plant in the lot I've been watching. She's wasn't growing like the others. Seemed more stretchy and less full like the others.

Then I see the white hairs...SHES A Kinda pissed. Here I thought I had a even dozen plants and now I'm back to eleven. Oh well, that'll just have to do for this run. I've up potted the auto to a 3gal. I guess it will just have to hang out with the others. It can finish it's last 30days on 12/12.
I'm determined to have a dozen plants. So I did something I rarely do. I took a top from the Cornbread and threw it in a cube. It's doing fine in the humidity dome and I expect some roots this week.

Fast forward a day and I'm picking up some stuff at my local grow shop. Was telling the guy about having issues with getting that last plant. After I checked out he said follow me. Took me out back where there was a cloner full of clones. Told me to pick one. I had no idea he had clones. I chose..

Catfish...100% sativa..yellow on leaf below

To continue the story I get home. As I go through the door I hit my hand and the clone went flying. Hit hard enough to rip all the roots off. I recut it, scuffed it up, dipped in root juice, put it in a cube, and threw it in the humidity dome. At first the whole thing bent over but has since recovered well and should root soon.

So that would make a bakers dozen. What's that old saying? Be careful what ya wish

A few pics of the big tent. I've got all but the two clones in 5gal pots now. After getting a true visual of how much space I have versus plants I think I may have to make some adjustments.

I'd planned on taking down the 4x4 but that may have to stay active. I can throw 4 in there and 9 in the big tent. That's kinda where that plan hits a roadblock. I need another lamp to get good coverage throughout the 4x8. If I keep the 4x4 up I'll only have 700w in the big tent. I'm shopping around for a 480+ bar lamp. Love this adiding 4800. Did a kick ass job last grow. If I go through with this plan I'm thinking about throwing the scrog screen in the 4x4. I'm curious to see how well that Adding lamp does with a flat canopy.

Anyways, here's a few pics of the girls. They are moving along and I hope to have them in flower within a few weeks. I'll post the others shortly. This is way more plants than I'd normally grow but I'm shooting for variety here and working my way through old seed. I'm dedicated to growing out what I have before buying more. That seed buying sickness is a evil
It's been a busy last few days for my garden. Harvesting, up potting, rearranging tents and tweaking things. I now have access to both my doors on the 4x8. This will make it much easier to working inside the tent.

At one point I thought I could fit 13 plants in the 4x8 but have reconsidered all that. So I'll leave the 4x4 up and use it as well. 9 plants in the 4x8 sounds better than 13.

The 4x4 will sport a scrog screen this round. Tangie, Critical Kush, and 2 Sugar Black Rose will reside in there. I'm not real keen on growing multiple strains under a screen but I'm doing it anyway. I'm curious to see how the 480w does with a flat canopy.

Still shopping for a 480+ watt lamp for the 4x8. The two in there did okay with 4autos each last run but these should be much bigger plants. These will be trained as they grow and adjusted as needed. All are not topped except for the Cornbread. All will grow naturally with a little tweak now n then.

So I'll arrange 4 in the 4x4 staggered. I want to form a j shape with each main stem. Of course secondary branching will go everywhere but I want the main to follow the path. If the j turns more into a bent hook then so be it. The two main stems can meet in the middle of that side.
The screen is low and roughly less than six inches from the plants. Now is when the timing thing comes into play. Deciding when to flip into flower with a scrog is the most critical time of the grow.




I have also arranged them this way to have easy access to the back plants. Being spread out in the front I can even crawl in the back if needed. Things to think about prior to setting a plant in place you can't move till harvest. As the canopy grows into the screen I'll soon place a small fan below. It gets squatchy under there and needs some air moving. As I go here I'll try to cover all things scrog that I have learned.

Super excited to have this all setup and ready to go. It's been many years since I've grown under a screen but hey it's not rocket Scrogs are very labor intensive. So, if your on the lazy gardener side of the spectrum it's probably not for you. They need constant monitoring until they are finished with the stretch in flower. The reward for your work is a compact forest of solid buds waving in the fan breeze.

The most common mistake is not flowering in time. To determine when to flip takes a little imagination on your part. I'll chat about that later.
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Things are about to get moving on this big grow. Starting into flower tonight. All plants in the 4x8 are 3-6+weeks in veg stage. This is what I've ended up with.
2 Cinderella 99
1 Afghan Skunk
1 NL Skunk
1 Cornbread
1 G13 Haze
1 Durban poison
And...1 Mystery automatic

I'm jumping this Afghan Skunk into flower a bit early at 3 weeks today. I'm curious to see what happens with her. I'm thinking she'll just explode. All the others are healthy and ready for flower.
The 4x4 scrog will also go into flower within this week.

Before I flip into flowering I take a step back and get a good view of the grow space. Then take into mind that most of the plants in there will get at least 24+ inches high and double or more in height and width. I try to picture in my mind where I want to guide my plants and also invision where secondary growth will end up. As some of you know I do not top my plants. I have in the past but with a scrog I do not see any reasoning to do so. With a scrog I'm using the screen to control the plant. There's no need to remove the top.

As it is in my Scrog tent. The leaves are nearing the screen from below. The smallest one being 10" in height. Not knowing these strains grow characteristics but knowing three are indica learners except the Tangie. I'm going to estimate roughly 30" in total height for each. Which means I have roughly 20+ inches of main stem to maneuver. I have raised the lamp a foot higher to get help coax them into the screen. Once they do I'll adjust it to max lux I can get.

Like I mentioned before. I will be forming a j shape with each main. By the end of week three flowering they should be set and ready to finish. This is another reason I keep the main intact. I use it as a guide for the plants. Of course the secondary branches will go everywhere but I try to keep the main going where I want her to go. With a scrog I'm in

My screen and why it's ridgid. To be fare I've never used a net. They are a good tool to spread a canopy but I prefer something solid. The plants growing up from below push a lot of upward pressure on a screen. A net is flexible and gives into the pressure. A sturdy screen will not. I do believe that pressure helps good stress the plant. It's definitely far from a natural Christmas tree grow so that stress has to be there. Is that the final word on Scrog screens? Absolutely not. It's simply my preference and what works for me. Perhaps some will take from this and make it work for them. If not I hope at least they try a gill net. Controlling cannabis indoors is important. An overgrown space is a disaster to deal with and will deplete your harvest. Screens and nets are strongly suggested to maximize your efforts.

I'll update in a few days. By that time they may be in flower. Should only take a few days for them to all at least touch the screen. Then it's on to flower.

Soon I'll cover the daily chores with a scrog. Yeah, it's a daily thing for a while. If you let to much grow through the screen at one time it can be a chore to get things right. What I mean by right is a flat screen with all vegetation pulled under and spread out daily. More later.
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So my mail has been a mess since Christmas. Just started getting mail again yesterday. It was a pile…lol. I find a package with all these awesome beans. A while back I signed up for the veterans giveaway over on Overgrow and wow am I glad I did. This gives me some excellent options to grow this fall. Gotta be over 100 beans in this lot. Regulars, fems, and autos.
Everything is in flower now.

3/2 4x8
3/3 Scrog

A little more maintenance on the scrog as it goes. Removed some smaller growth down low on each plant. Not a lot but enough to maybe boost some growth up top. Once they are set in the screen in a few weeks I'll clean out below a lot more.

Most of the time one lets the plants get into the screen before flipping. With 4 plants under there I know how quickly the growth can overwhelm the screen. So I’ve started them just a lil early. If for some reason the screen is not full by the end that’s fine. A scrog is just a tool to control the plant. However, I’m pretty sure the screen will be full by week 3. Only issue I'll run into once they enter the screen is how long each will continue to stretch. Working with 3 different strains under the screen can be difficult but hey we're not shooting for perfection here.

All the fun starts soon. These should be assaulting the screen by next week. I'm having a blast.
Today is the end of week 1 for the girls in the big tent. All of them are spitting out hairs now.

This first week of flowering has been busy for the girls. Training has continued with the strains I believe will try to gain some height during the stretch. The G13Haze, Afghan Skunk, and NL Skunk mains will be left alone. I don’t think they will get very tall.

The C99s and the DurbanPoison I expect to get stretchy. So, they get the most aggressive training. The mains are being held back until the other growth catches up. Being secured to the stake I can drive it a little deeper daily. Whatever it takes to hold it back is the goal. So far I've been able to keep the mains down and the growth even on these.

This Durban Poison is the thickest least dense growth plant I've seen in a long time. She looks like I've cleaned out below but I've not. Her secondary branches are getting as thick as the main. She sports some heavy fat leaf as well. Maybe I should take a I think she's gonna be a beastly thing.

Cornbread…well she’s in a class of her own. Bagseed bastard child of a dispensary buy. Being the only one with the main removed. It has blown up into a nice plant. I’ve got her laid out like a hot breakfast and she’s chugging along.

I’m still feeding them all Jacks Bloom. On some I’m seeing a little tip burn that carried over from veg. I’m hoping the lesser N in the mix in flower will correct as it goes and find a balance. I’ve added some calmag in the mix too. Jacks Classic doesn’t have calcium so it needs a lil boost. Once I’m done with the classic blend I’ll move to the professional blend which does have calcium. Heading into flower they need a lil calcium. Other than that its all been Jack’s. Tap, dump nutes, stir and serve. Stupid simple grow so far.
So my mail has been a mess since Christmas. Just started getting mail again yesterday. It was a pile…lol. I find a package with all these awesome beans. A while back I signed up for the veterans giveaway over on Overgrow and wow am I glad I did. This gives me some excellent options to grow this fall. Gotta be over 100 beans in this lot. Regulars, fems, and autos. View attachment 353394
Nice haul
To expand on the Jack's. I can't express how pleased I am so far. I am new to this uncomplicated routine and find it difficult to leave my meter alone but that's exactly what I'm doing. I feed them all...seedling too 1/4tsp gal. At one point as they got into veg stage I did bounce it up to 1/2tsp and started to see some overfeeding signs again. I continue with the smaller feeding yet still see some overfeeding signs.

So how bout some input here folks. This is an example of what I'm seeing. Of course there's the lite tip burn at the point of the leaf but there is also dark patches forming along the outer edges of the leaf and you noticed the serrated leaf tips start to curl up slightly. Real noticable in the bottom pic. It's not temps. They are fine. I think I'm seeing a plant maxed out on nutrients.

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