GM grows Carty's Beans

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Dec 3, 2023
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This thread will be a continuous grow of Carty's seed. I have obtained a few strains and plan on more as time goes on.

I will be using the method Carty uses for auto grows. So here we go.

4x8 tent
300w Adiding
400w Szhlux
Promix HP Myco
Mycos granules
1gal tall pots
3gal fabric pots

TPS One formula
Epsom salt

1st Round of beans
1 Gabagoo Purp
2 BeastMode
1 Abagoo F4
1 GDP Carty's Pheno

Added this small frame to the center. It has t5s mounted and should do just fine for seedlings starts.

All five seeds cracked after H2o2 soak in about 1.5days. Awaiting their arrival.

As mentioned I'll be using Carty's way of doing autos. Most folks frown upon up potting a automatic but I see no harm if done timely. I try to keep an open mind about growing and not get locked in on tunnel vision. If someone does things differently than most others. There's usually something there. I'm pretty confident things will go just fine.

I'll have some seedling pics up soon. Really looking forward to seeing what Carty beans have in store for me.
I've never grown an auto, but when I do, I'll be doing it Carty's way.
I just couldn't pass up the automatic strains. Today there are so many to choose from and the potency has only gotten better through the years. Granted, your not going to harvest the amount a photo can but they offer convenience and no light leaks worries. They seem to use less nutrients as well. If I can harvest 3-5ozs per plant I think I'll do just fine filling some jars. Out of 4 plants I hope for 12+ at least. Planting every 35-40 days should offer a nice harvest every month or so. I honestly have no clue how much to expect. I'm left with
So I'm pretty much sticking to the method that Carty uses to grow autos. I'm using the 1gal tall pots, Myco granules, and 3gal fabric pots.

Today I came across these 1.5gal trash cans at a dollar store. They are egg shaped, tall 9.5", and taper to narrow at the bottom. The next batch I start will go into these. I want to see how the root system forms in them when I transplant to 3gal fabric pots.

Two 1.5gal cans fit inside the trays I use to catch run off. Perfect.
Things are a Happening

Things are evolving in my little corner of the grow world. Rigged up some 2' t5s for some extra light and though it doesn't look very professional I think it's gonna get the job done for vegging autos. Being in between the two larger lamps they have been doing fine. I wanna see how they respond to a little extra.

6 solid little kids are doing their thing. Two are a week behind but that's okay. They'll catch up fast.

Environment is good, no food yet for these babies. Feeding TPS One formula the whole way so let's see how it does. I have CalMag and Epsom salt on

Disregard the single 8 oz cup in the pic. It is a bagseed from a dispensary buy...French Toast. We loved the strain and found a seed soooo. It has emerged from the promix today. My other thread explains what I'm doing with photos but I can let ya know I'm starting 4 more strains to go with the French Toast.

Anyways, the Carry plan is in place and I am pretty confident this is going to be a fun ride. I'll explain more of what I'm doing as I go along here. No need to repeat things. Follow along if your new to up potting autos. We may learn something together.
Nice bro... great to see you getting babies up and running.. praying you get a female Beast Mode so we can all see what she looks like on F1... the germination % is something I'm very happy with too.. most should show sex around 3 weekish.. good luck
What happened?
Just a misunderstanding and error on my part. I didn't realize these beans are not feminized. Oh I'm okay with that but don't really have the space or time to fish for ladies at the moment. I'd have to start a lot of beans to find 10 females. I'll tackle this project once I have a comfortable stash of jars.

I have a lot of photo beans so I'll fall back on that for now. Once I complete that I'll probably have more than enough jars filled and can dial things down and play with some Carty beans. I'm curious as to how to make my own auto seed so I'll play around with all that when I start cracking Carty beans.

I hated to pause this project but I'll definitely be cranking it back up. This old thread will be here when I get
Ah bummer... sorry I'm not at the point in my game to produce Feminized stock bro.... someday.
Filling jars, that part I understand for sure and why I'm running all my Feminized Autos I've saved
Researched some strains again and finally decided on what to grow next.

Seeds by Urban Legends Seeds...
1 ea of

Green Punch fem
Maestro fem
Rulk fem
and to make it a foursome I'll add
Iced Latte fem

4 in 3gal felt pots is perfect and gives me space to do LST..
I have had all females but one male so far with little light and no over watering I'm having amazing results . I did break a branch on one and it shot two preserves out two balls I pulled them off nothing since . Should just run them
I have had all females but one male so far with little light and no over watering I'm having amazing results . I did break a branch on one and it shot two preserves out two balls I pulled them off nothing since . Should just run them
That's encouraging news and I have every intention of running them after I fill jars. Just don't have time to take a chance with males when I have plenty of fem photo seed to run. I'll definitely be waking up this thread this summer. I want to run as many as I can through the summer months after this multi strain grow I'm putting together ends.
If somehow I can find another lamp I'll start them earlier. I'm running outta
I hear ya GM... I'm doing the same thing with my fem autos... only reason I'm not running my strains. Need to refill some jars myself and I'm trying to start a 30-40 day rotation. chopping 4 Autos every month or so we will really fill some jars for a change and not run out between...

I'm really impressed with this GDP fem auto so she got hit with my Beast Mode Auto..

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