Beans from Carty

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Jan Borrego

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Aug 29, 2023
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Chaparral, New Mexico
I got some freshly made beans from Carty.
He made GDP x Beast Mode. These are autos. They are soaking in the cup since yesterday afternoon after the mail ran. I will put them in a damp paper napkin. I noticed the napkins have less layers than a paper towel. This prevents my tap root from burrowing. I may do a couple of each strain. I have several. I love good robust autos. They should be done by the end of May when it gets too hot here to grow inside. If not I can finish them outside last few weeks.
These are all autos and regs unless stated otherwise.
There are 2 GDP X Beast Mode
GDP 4 seeds
NL#2 Fems 3 seeds from carty from Johnny Pot Seed
Pink Mango X GDP fems 2 seeds
Beast Mode 4 seeds
Gabagoo Purple 4 seeds
I will post pics when they pop up. No one wants to see just pots of dirt. I also tried a new soil mainly peet. Awfully heavy stuff. I added 5 blocks of coco to lighten it up and recycled a few pots happy frog only slightly used from things that got culled. It looks better now. I potted the first 6 straight peat mix and the rest I planted up the things ready to get planted.
I planted the GDP for my Niece its her favorite strain. She will be here in the summer sometime. She is working on the dates right now. She is one of the few grandkids that check on mom and Dad. She tries to come every other year at least and calls regularly.
I added 2 ww x Beast mode. Cant wait for this one. But really I am excited about all of them. All of the Carty beans are new strains for me except the NL that was my first ever grow. It was really good too. I also threw in a few WW that Are my F1 s I made. I am running low on my daytime strain. I need that to function…lol
Wow... your rocking it Jan. Yeah, you and I are the only ones getting to try the WW x Beast Mode as I didn't hit her with pollen.. so this is rubbing against one I did seeds... you got 2 I got 6. so good luck, her smoke is excellent and wish I'd hit her now. grrrrr. hehe.

Hey, ever think of adding some perlite to whatever soil that is. I buy Miracle Grow now due to budget cuts, ours... haha. $11 vs 40. Adding perlite helps the roots move around much easier as it prevents the soil from bunching up and getting solidified.. it comes in reg, chunky or super chunky... I prefer the middle one.

Really excited about watching this one, whenever a small seed maker like myself can have a good grower such as yourself showing off his goods... It's a good thing... Oh snap, I just quoted Martha Stuart
This is the dirt. The FF was on back order so I tried this. Tomatoes would love this weed not so much. It is very heavy. I would and did add perlite. However I didn't have enough. I also mixed in some Happy frog That was slightly used. I had a few late bloomers and got up potted then popped male 2 days later. The first 6 are strait premium soil. The rest are the blend. I don’t like this stuff, little grass blades keep popping up. It is a pain in the butt.


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Jan.... the Pink Mango x GDP came to me listed as an auto....fem. So, I dropped one in last grow.
Well, as you know, those plants have come down... the PM x GDP showed sex at 6wks, but only because I have my timer in 14/10 I think... ssshhhh, my secret. lol.
So, after the discovery of my neighbor growing, he had room so off she went one night in a garbage back, she was about 2ft_+... this is her last week.

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