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Jan Borrego

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Aug 29, 2023
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Chaparral, New Mexico
I started 8 seeds 5 had 2 inch tales.
They were soaked 24 hours before going into paper towel for 3 days.
Planted in 1 gallon plastic pots in happy frog
1 tsp mycos added to soil in each pot.
Planted in soil on 11-8-23
4 of 5 are up the 5th is almost broke through the soil.
Picture is day 1
Ok so I can not count.👀👀👀
There were 9 seeds 6 popped. All 6 are up and out enjoying the light. the other 3 I am going to try and crack the shell to see what happens. it had been almost a week from time I soaked them. They would have popped if they could. Sorta an experiment. Maybe I will retrieve the seeds crack them, then paper towel again to see. Not complaining about the seeds. Sometimes I think its me, Not the seeds.

SZHLUX LED Grow Light 4ft 140W (2×70W) Full Spectrum 660nm 730 IR Included LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Super Bright Linkable Hanging Grow Light Sunlight Replacement Strip with Reflector this is what they are​

I had both on the bigger plants but switched one out as it looked brighter. Thought the seedlings would like it bettet
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