Drying Tips

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May 22, 2011
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YEAH BUDDY.... Almost time
whats up everyone just look for some tips on croppin
best ways to dry my meds...
i kno u can just cut and hang to dry any tips tho thanks
How long should i let my end result dry for.... # of Days?
We cant say because it depends on your envioroment, RH will play the major factor in when its ready, all i can say is the slower it dries the better the end product will be, i add a humidifier to dry because my RH is 18-25% and that dries it in 2-3 days, no good IMO, the humidifier makes it take 6-8 days and it has made a noticable difference in my smoke quality.
I would suggest having a fan deawing air away from your meds while they dry to give a bit of air movement to prevent mould. While drying is a vulnerable time and you dont want mould to fmess up things for you.

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