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May 29, 2011
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This simple grow log will document the progress of my first crop in my new 4 x 4 multiponics tray. I am fully legal on my grow with all state paperwork. Once I got older my body started fighting back. I have severe joint pain and arthritis.

I have always done Ebb + Flow in a home made system until about 2 months ago. I had about 10 crops through my second DIY until I got tired of it and wanted something different. I got sick of dealing with components breaking on me all the time. I could never get my leaking holes to seal up either.
The plants on the right side are all from a strain called “White”. The plants on the left are all “Golden Goat”.
The plants are about 2 weeks apart in their veg time. The larger Whites were placed in the tray then when the Golden Goats were rooted they were dropped in. I have three 400 watt Halides and 4 x 48” T5’s over my table. I made all of my fixtures and grow room stuff myself. The ventilation and stuff is all home built too. I have the fan blowing into the sewer pipe in my basement. I keeps the smell down until the last week or two of flowering. I started using a fish emulsion in my water to keep the smell down too. It knocks out the skunk smell and gives my room a slightly musty smell but the skunk smell is gone. Anyone else do that?

I have been using GH 3 part nutes at 1/3 of the recommended strength for most of the crop. About a month ago I attended a local trade show and picked up a bunch of free nutes and additives. After about 3 weeks in veg I flipped and started flowering with a new nutrient recipe. I have been adding trace minerals, live bacteria, and plenty of sweeteners. My plants really seem to be happy. I have had very few leaves yellow out and die. Even the ones that get very little light. I like to have the little popcorn buds to cook with for my joint pain.

The first pic is day 14 on the Whites and day 1 on the Goats

Second pic is day 17

Third pic is day 20

Fourth pic is day 22

More pics to come!!

log0 - Copy.jpg

log3 - Copy-1.jpg

log4 - Copy.jpg

log1 - Copy.jpg
I have been doing a hybrid grow up to this point. I started the veg cycle using an Ebb and Flow and NFT with fog. The E+F cycle comes on every four hours. The fog comes on at the same time as the E+F. If the flood cycle isn’t deep enough to hit all the roots then the fog will hit the higher stuff. The NFT cycle ran 24/7 with just a tiny trickle of flow. It just makes sure the new root growth stays damp between flood cycles. When the flowering cycle starts I shut off the fog and the NFT. I have always had great results with lots of water during the veg cycle and then less water during flowering. I makes sense with the natural life cycle of a summer plant. Lots of water in the spring and less water into the summer and fall.
At one point my plants got so tall , about 4 feet, they fell over and had to be netted up. I was almost sick when I came home and checked on the girls. About half of em had fell over and were not looking happy. I had a trellis over my old table. I just got lazy and didn't think about it cause I was only a week into flower. It makes a lot of sense to use a net as soon as your plants are fully vegging.

log7 - Copy-1.JPG

log8 - Copy-1.JPG

log91 - Copy-1.JPG


log99c - Copy-1.JPG
So the crop is 5 weeks into flower. The White is chugging right along with about 2 weeks left. I also found a mystery strain mixed in with the group. The guy I got the clones from had multiple strains and i must have got one of something else. I use my camera instead of a magnifying glass. I can use the macro lens and then blow the pics up on my computer to check for changing trich colors. The White is the pics with the red hairs. the other strain is not as ripe. Anybody have a guess what the mystery strain is? My guy doesn't know for sure but we have a short list of strains to pick from.







Think you can pack anymore weed in there? :rofl:
Excellent grow man. :aok:
Had a question tho. You're not having problems adding Fish Emulsion to the GH mix? I would figure that it would seriously funk with the PH. I'm an organic grower and fish emulsion is some odd stuff to work with. Takes a minute to get used to it.
Mutt said:
Had a question tho. You're not having problems adding Fish Emulsion to the GH mix? I would figure that it would seriously funk with the PH. I'm an organic grower and fish emulsion is some odd stuff to work with. Takes a minute to get used to it.

I never use more than about 3 tablespoons in a 27 gallon res. I have been using the same sample bottle for the whole cycle. I change my res every two weeks and just top off with tap water in between. I also add beneficial bacteria, trace minerals, and sweeteners to the recipe. I'm pretty random with the dosing of all of it. They were just free product samples from a local show.
5 1/2 weeks in and the girls are getting pretty fat. In a good way!

I am always amazed by the difference between a crop you really love and one that you don't ta;lk to every day. I have been working on this one more than I usually do and the results speak for themselves. The buds are stacking up and getting so freakin frosty it gives me chills even though its like 90 degrees here right now. The "White" is starting to get a fair bit of red hair and a few more amber trichs. Another 10 days max. And the Golden Goats are coming along slowly but surely. I am seriously thinking beneficial bacteria will be a regular ingredient in my recipe. The guy i got it from was reminding me that the plants dont eat the sugar the bacteria do. Adding all the other stuff only works if your plants can uptake the nutes and some of the nutes need to be "converted" first. I'm sold on the idea for now but this is my first time for all three strains that I am growing. It's hard to tell what is what with so many variables. new system, new plants, and new nutes with new additives.




Yeah those are looking really nice bro... Getting very frosty.
Very nice man! I have the same problems with organics in the res as well, I'm not using an emulsion, but a hydrolysate and same thing...stink and get's funky in a res fast!

Way to grow man! :D

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