Dutch may label some cannabis as a hard drug

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Jun 21, 2007
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The Netherlands, famous for its liberal soft drugs policies, said on Friday it may label some highly concentrated forms of cannabis as a hard drug on a par with cocaine or heroin, because of the risk of addiction.

With many coffee shops openly selling cannabis to customers and a tolerance of home-cultivation of marijuana plants, the Netherlands attracts attention in the global debate about soft drugs policies.

In the past three years, it has restricted and discouraged the use and sale of soft drugs on health and crime grounds, and wants to limit drug tourism, particularly in border towns.

The government has proposed special "weed passes" to stop visitors using coffee shops and restrict access to residents, which some analysts predict could lead to a fall in tourist numbers and spending.

Now, a Dutch commission has found that hashish and marijuana on sale in the Netherlands contain around 18 percent of THC, the main psychoactive substance, and advised the health minister that anything above 15 percent put drugs on a par with heroin or cocaine.

"I've been very worried for years about the THC concentration, especially if it is so high. We will take a serious look at it," Health Minister Edith Schippers told public broadcaster NOS.

"The addictive consequences are much stronger and severe. Clearly this is a worrying development."

When asked if tolerant soft drugs policies would end if some cannabis was labeled as a hard drug, she said: "The THC concentration fluctuates widely so the 15 percent level is not common. You'd have to look at how to change this development."

Law Professor Dirk Korf of the University of Amsterdam said he did not expect this change to have a clear impact on other countries' policies.

"In Europe you can see both liberalization and a more restrictive policy. It will depend on the country and which phase it is in," Korf said.

They don't get it that we are able to smoke less if the concentration is higher. What a bunch of loosers.
Lol the Dutch are going backwards....do they have a new American president???:D Sounds like the dog farts we hve to deal with here in the states.
niteshft said:
They don't get it that we are able to smoke less if the concentration is higher. What a bunch of loosers.

I think ya have to be a stoner to understand.........
Last time i was there ( last cannabis cup ) the weed quality at the coffeeshops wasn't that spectacular. Smoked much better with the guy i was staying there from a "private garden".
We will always smoke the same but if stronger better because habituation. I'm smoking nowadays ( that still don't have my crop done ) almost 2 gr of weed. If hash i will smoke a little more per day. And i work 8 hours (don't smoke at work just at lunch break ) and sleep at least 7 ;). More or less 10 joints per day.

I'm a stoner or do i have a use problem ?
If the Dutch stopped us using their coffee shops their economy would go downhill pretty fast imho.
they want to deal with all the shady dudes kicking bout trying to sell dojie class A ,,,,,last time i was ther 2007 i was gona start throwing these guys in the cannal ,,,i was baked out my nut and they wouldent get away from me ,,,,i told few of them wot my intenshons wher,,,but me and my budy[2 lil scotish guys] wher well out numberd by all these big 50cent lookalikes,,,,these dudes are out to get toruists,,peace [[j]
On my visits tot he Dam, the atmosphere in the daytime is phenominally good, very relaxed, laid back, just what you would expect in a "stoner town" however at night when the (mainly African origin) class A pushers come out of the woodwork, it changes and I feel myself getting paranoid and defensive. Generall I tell these muppets to "leave me alone, I am a stoner not a hoover" the usually laugh and leave me be. "Pills and powder" whispered from behind in an African accent is one of my abiding memories of the Dam, such a shame since it is a great place, if a little wobbly!

As for the reclassification, someone needs to point out how alcohol works, people drink beer, which has a particular level of alcohol and some drink spirits, which is a different level of alcohol. Different levels of alcohol are sold in different measures to acomodate this. Why not do the same with weed? BECAUSE POLITICIANS ARE CRETINS!!!! and the desire to become one should automatically ban a person from becoming one!


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