Feds Take Over Enforcing Cannabis Laws In Florida

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Sep 19, 2009
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Mariposa County CA
Florida US Attorney Taking Over Cannabis Enforcement

With hemp legalization having spurred many prosecutors to turn away from cannabis cases, the U.S. Attorney for Florida’s Northern District says he will take over the prosecution of cannabis-related cases.
Tue / Aug 20th
By TG Branfalt
U.S. Attorney of Florida’s Northern District Lawrence Keefe is taking over the prosecution of cannabis-related cases as some state prosecutors have said they will not pursue low-level charges following hemp legalization in the state, according to a WCTV report. Keefe oversees 25 Florida counties and plans on temporarily deputizing state prosecutors to help with the cannabis caseload.

Some state prosecutors have decided to stop – or temporarily halt – trying cannabis cases as it is hard to differentiate hemp from THC-rich cannabis and their offices do not have access to tests that can determine THC levels rather than just the presence of THC.

State Attorney Jack Campbell welcomed Keefe’s assistance and said the federal cases will help establish standards for cannabis-related prosecutions following hemp legalization – such as odor tests and what “still suffices as probable cause.”

Richard Greenberg, president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said he expects low-level offenders will face harsher sentences in federal court.

“I think it is unfortunate particularly this day in age when there’s a movement toward lessening the penalties for marijuana.” – Greenberg, to WCTV

Campbell said his office handles more than 1,000 misdemeanor possession cases per year but did not know exactly what level of offenses Keefe’s office would prosecute.

Some county attorneys in Nebraska, Georgia, and Texas have announced they would not take on low-level cannabis cases following hemp legalization in their respective states, citing the lack of THC tests and issues with probable cause.

Wow very interesting and thank you so very much for sharing this news to us all burnin1,

I just wished that they would just drop all the charges on innocent people in all states that that are outlawing marijuana use.

Personal I thinks it's a crime that those states that are still agenst marijuana use these states have ruined many innocent people's lives far more so then probably alcohol and tobacco alone but maybe I am wrong since I really don't know there exactly what the statistics are!.

Whay do you think??

Because I really would love to know the brunt truth about is for myself.

Yours truly,
Cannabis Kid
Freedom isn't free. You have to fight for it.


The US Justice Department should be added to this list now.

Yes I totally 100% agree with you burnin1, there all crooks and to think my dad went to many wars for this country and they wouldn't allow him to use his CBD oil to treating his cancer due to 9/11 and him being a a services to in new york city as a police officer and he always every time let people walk away from having marijuana on them even though at the time it was illegal. He always told me that was the most suckest part about his job when his caption told him that he had to put an ending to letting people go for marijuana possessions but me knowing my dad wasn't down with that b.s. and always let people off with just a warning for marijuana possessions. He did this up until he retired from law enforcement after 9/11 when he came down with cancer from breathing in all of that dust on 9/11 and was told by his doctor that was from his job working as a police officer and said that he knew it was from the buildings dust that caused his cancer in his lungs. My dad suffered ever since then for years from that and ehen he heard about the CBD our and about cannabis oils that can cure cancers in Canada he asked his doctor if he could give that a try. The doctor agreed to letting him try it and his doctor soon after mad2a few phone calls into Canada on making a connection for my dad to use cannabis oils to curing his cancer in his lungs.

Well anyway to making a very long story short my dad was rushed in the hospital because he was choking up a lot of flem and blood and was put in ICU soon after.

Then when I came to vist him with my 2 other brothers Mike and Anthony, my dad had a bottle of cannabis oil with him but it was in his jacket in the hospital room that we were in and we went and got it out of his coat pocket and handed to him since my dad couldn't even move out of the bed to getting it due all of the hose's that were hooked up to him in at the time.

After he used some of it he started to look a lot better and he even said that he felt better too!.

Sooon after we left the hospital and later that day around dinner time came into to the room as well to checking his blood pressure and changing his I.V. bags. The food lady she noticed that there was a tan amber bottle sitting on the food try and showed the nurse the bottle and handed it to her so the foos lady could put my dads food try on the table that hangs over the bed that had wheels on it.

Soon after a few minutes went by or so I was told, the cops showed up and said that they wanted to speak to my dad regarding having a controlled substance within his possession of a bottle of cannabis oil.

My dad was not feeling very well at all due to him being on his death bed, told the truth to the to officers, My dad said gentlemen I need that cannabis oil and thr 2 cops looked at each other and said Mr. Anthony L. Calandra we cannot give this cannabis oil back to you even if we wanted to become it's a controlled substance and we have to confiscate this cannabis oil from you. Giving that my dad had no means to using his own polic badge to taking the matters into his own hads, my dad he was old fashioned and didn't believe that he had to go that way.

Then the 2 officers looked at my dad and said you do look formilier to us and my dads was just to sick to answer them back due to his lungs having fluid being pumped out by a hose going down his throat and just could only nod his head yes or no.

The officers decided not to hall him off to jail due to his circumstances of his conditions that he was in but my dad wasn't at all pleased by it because they took something that was and could have saved his life.

In September 9th 2011 at 5:24AM
my dad was pronounced dead a few days after them 2 cops showed up and took his cannabis oil.

My dad to me will forever be my hero and will be forever missed god bless his soul for helping so many people in his life especially on September 11th 2001.

In Loving Memory of my dad
Anthony L. Calandra
1929 - 2011



Sorry if I had made any spelling errors I was trying my very best to writing this due to crying a lot not something that's at all easy believe me when I say this to you all but I have been wanting to open up this part of my life for a very long time now because it still brothers me that if this dang government would have allow legal marijuana my dad would still be alive today but due to cannabis oils of any kind people are still being arrested for it especially for CBD oil and THC-A oils that can and will save so many lives with people who have cancers and other illnesses.

Just do a youtube search and see for yourself. Even though they say that they made CBD oil legal don't believe them because it's not and it's a lie regardless if you have a medical license or not. I found this out from my local NORNL agency right here in Henrico Virginia.

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