first time grower, please give advice

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beginning grower

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Feb 2, 2006
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hey everyone. i originally thought i was going to grow outdoors but i realized that would be impossible. i looked around my house for a spare closet (i live at home with my parents because im only 16) and i didnt find anything. i took a look at a shelf to my left and a genius idea hit me. this shelf has 3 sections and i just threw junk inside there. i cleaned it out and smashed the bottoms of the shelfs. than i broke a side of each secton and the back each shelf. the shelf looks the exact same as it outside it is just the inside that i tampered with. i did this to all 3 sections and i had a chamber for growing. this chamber is completely sealed except for a small whole which an outlet will be going out of. hte space i have available for the chamber is 23 inches high 17 across and 24 diagonally. because of this i will only grow 2 plants inside this chamber. i am going to be using a flourescent light because they are the cheapest and most suitable for my condition. the shelf is next to my window with my tv on top of it. the chamber is completely sealed off except for the 1 inch hole that is used for the outlet. the shelfs are 2 inches away from a window so i plan on opening hte window during the day so some air can ventilate through the small hole i have for hte outlet. i also have a air freshiner that is scented next to my little chamber. i plan on puting foil on all sides of the chamber except for the top. i am going to buy 2 or 3 clones depending on your guys' advice. i will be using the see of green method and maturing hte plants earlier because i dont have much room to start out with. i will somehow be sticking the flourescent light on the top of hte chamber and i will have a few books under the pots and i will lower than whenever hte plants grow in length. i think 2-4 inches from the flourescent light sounds about right. the questions and concerns i have are will the weed smell up my room? what nutrients should i be using and how often? how often should i water the plant and what are some good signs for when the plant needs watering? at how many inches should i play god and make the plants mature? (23 inches vertical not including room from flourescent light and room for pot) and any other tips and tricks i would greatly appreciate. thank you all and good luck growing your own bud.
You can't grow pot with a 2' vertical space.
But most importantly it's extremely bad kharma to grow pot without your parents knowledge/permission.
If you get busted (don't say it can't happen) your parents could lose everything and you could end up in a foster home.

You said it was "impossible" to grow outside. Why is that? Live in an igloo?

My suggestion: find a suitable location outside, like in the woods or deserted area. Read a growbook or two and plant in prepared soil on 4/20 this year. Harvest box-fulls of arm-long buds in Oct.
GROWING IN YOUR PARENTS HOME ......WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU as harmless as growing may seem its highly illegal and believe it or not in the states growing is a much more sevre charge than posession.You could cause your parents to lose the home, jobs,and possablely freedom. Guy try harder to find spot outdoors theres gotta be a better place than in parents home and if not wait till u find 1
HAHA, wow I remember the days. Not too long ago in fact. There is the story of one of my friends who we call "Captain Incompetence", who's mom found his plant when it was a seedling. She had no idea what it was so she gave him a desklamp to grow it with, next to his bed no less. Well that lasted about a week before his black maid spotted it and narc'ed on him. Needless to say his mom sodomized him to no end...

Or the time another one of my friends tried to grow inside his dryer in his guest house. Well one day his step-mom needed to dry alot of clothes at the same time and....yeah. No sodomy involved but the outcome still was quite bad.

listen to the elders.

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