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Oct 4, 2005
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im a first time grower and i have read an endless amount of material on the subject. But i was looking for advice straight from the experts. i have a closet that im hoping to use that is 5'x2'x10'. it has a water pipe running through the side of it and it extends up to the top of the closet. There is a shelf at about 6' up. the walls are flat white. i was wondering if i can just put a lamp and a fan in there or of there is more i should do.

im on a very limited budget. plz help!
Gotta' have ventilation. Fresh, cool air in te stale air out the top.
How much does a system cost to put together and install. I'm not very mechanically inclined... but if i have specific instructions in front of me i think i could do it. Do you know where i can get some?
hey there FrostyNugz420. it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on your setup. if you can give me a clue as to what you are willing to spend maybe i can help you out.

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