flower stage

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Apr 4, 2005
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When switching the lights to 12/12 do the trees grow any more?
They start to cease growing new branches and new budsites, but they do increase in size, get bigger, harden up. produce buds.
So yes, they do grow more in 12/12
I want my plants too be small, since I don't got much space to work with. When should I switch the lights to 12/12, right now there about 3-4 inches.
If your growing from seed its best to wait till the plant shows signs of maturity, when the nodes alternate. 6-8 weeks?
Bizzy. Look at my 8 week pic's. They just started growing offset nodes. About 2 feet tall. And they are suposed to be a short plant. So plan ahead. If you were to use clones you can force them to flower at any time.

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