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Jul 31, 2005
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ive put my plant in to 12 12 to get it to Flower how long do i do this for.this is my frist lot thanks


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Jan 20, 2005
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There is no set period of time for a plant to reach it's full budding potential, different breeds take different amounts of time, I've had some Indicas that were ready after 6 weeks and Sativas that haven't been done after 14 weeks!!!
If you know the genetics of the plants you're flowering you can get a general figure like "6-8 weeks", but it depends on the plants. An easy indicator that most people use is when the pistils (the little hairs) are 70-90% changed to a red/brown color.
If you have a jewelers loupe of anywhere from 20x up you can go by the trichomes, both color and shape, if you want a more "up" high, crop when your trics are mushroom headed and around 60 to 70% amber, for a more "couchlock" stone, let the trics ripen and begin to burst.... BUT>>> if you let them bud too long, they can and WILL in an effort to keep the species alive produce male flowers that WILL pollenate your bud even 8 weeks or more into flowering, the seeds produced in this way will be largely female, I know this goes against what most people think is natural, that the plant is a hermie and the seeds will be too, but a plant that is forced to pollenate in this way is actually a female trying to save herself and the seeds will be for the most part what is now considered "feminized" by a large number of seed breeders currently in business........

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